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YES! We Have Found The Proposed Downtown Utica Hospital Zone

Read about the 34-acres that the New Downtown Utica Hospital Wants!

Say goodbye to this functionally obsolete area in downtown Utica (their words), and prepare for the "Downtown Utica Transformational Opportunity District" (their words).

Circled in red below, and labeled "Potential Development Zone" is where state and Utica-area leaders have been secretly planning to transfer the city's medical-based economy. First it will start with the construction of a new $800,000,000 (or so) hospital. Then parking and all that sprawling hospitals require. Let us think about what else we can speculate on, but here it is:

Illustration on page 137 from the MV500 prospectus:

#NoHospitalDowntown Decodes New Downtown Hospital Imagaery:

For the plan, look through the linked MV500 Presentation, go to page 137, and read into this and the other ideas in their document called the MOHAWK VALLEY REDC UPSTATE REVITALIZATION INVESTMENT PROSPECTUS (PDF).

So many months ago they created this document and they called it a Prospectus? Just when were our leaders going to give "all" of Utica taxpayers and property owners a copy?

The proposed new development area would close streets and create a "super block", per the image below (click on image for a larger view).

It reads in part...

"To continue the momentum that is underway, the City of Utica in concert with other government, business and community partners is looking to transform approximately 34 acres of a largely vacant, underutilized and functionally obsolete area in downtown Utica and transform this area into a technology oriented development that is linked with nano-bio opportunities emerging at SUNY Poly and Masonic Medical Research Laboratory, healthcare, offices, medical education, recreation and entertainment opportunities at the nearby auditorium, gateway site and nearby Harbor Point. The proposed development area will also provide complementary commercial development opportunities that are popping up with the emergence of downtown as a mixed use urban neighborhood."

April 2015 - The following story was a request for comment on the MV500 project, Local group wants your input for $500M economic competition.

September 2015 - Here you can see where Steve DiMeo of MV EDGE inserts "new hospital" language into the MV500 bid, FOIL Email Re: MV500

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown