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Mohawk Valley EDGE (Economic Development Growth Enterprises Corporation)

The Oneida-Herkimer County area, the Mohawk Valley Region, has a public-private agency directing Albany and County funding towards economic development projects. The agency (known locally as EDGE, or MV EDGE), its staff, and board of directors have been directing projects like the Rome Air Base and Utica/Marcy Nano.

This group is fully behind, devising, planning and promoting the ill-conceived Downtown Utica hospital.

As of October 15, 2016 Mohawk Valley EDGE Is Seeking $5.5 million to displace 41 businesses...

October 2017 - Oneida County moves $250,000 into the MVEDGE budget for supporting a downtown hospital...

See pages 29-30 of Oneida County Communications, October 11, 2017

Get to know the following 56 Board Members from our community. In the days ahead we'll pinpoint where they live, how many meetings they attended, as well as requesting their personal statements on just what they are thinking; as their "public-private partnership" pushes forth the ill-conceived hospital concept.

Months ago we requested information and recieved this reply MVEDGE Has No Plans To Release Information This seems highly undemocratic as they are not only directing more than $300 million of taxpayer funding towards the hospital project, each year "we the people" fund their very sizable budget

As part of the above organization, each one has a hand - directly or indirectly - in Seeking Funds To Bulldoze Downtown Utica For A 5th Hospital District Listed below, they can be reached by using the information displayed (new info in progress).

Consider calling them and or their places of employment. You may also "send a message" by terminating, and or not frequenting their establishments or products, as a way to voice your discontent.


Mohawk Valley EDGE
Steven DiMeo, President
584 Phoenix Drive
Rome, NY 13441-4105
Email: Steven DiMeo
Phone: (315)338-0393

MV EDGE Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Chair of the Board
Ms Eve Van de Wal
c/o Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
Utica Business Park
12 Rhoads Drive
Utica, NY 13502
Phone: (315) 798-4200

MVEDGE, Vice Chair
Mr Patrick Becher
c/o Mohawk Valley Water Authority
1 Kennedy Plaza No. 3
Utica, NY 13502
Phone: (315) 792-0301

Vice Chair
Mr Geno DeCondo
c/o Upstate Cerebral Palsy
1020 Mary Street
Utica, NY 13501
Phone: (315) 724-6907

Chair Elect
Mr David Manzelmann
c/o M&T Bank Corporation
233 Genesee Street
Utica, NY, 13502
Email: David Manzelmann
Phone: (315) 738-4818

Board Members

Mr Brian R Anderson
c/o National Grid

300 Erie Boulevard West
Syracuse, NY 13202-4201
(315) 428-5140
Email: Brian R Anderson

Mr Mark Angelucci
c/o The Hartford
301 Woods Park Drive
New Hartford, NY 13413
Phone: (315) 731-4041 On Twitter The Hartford

Mr Rocco Arcuri
c/o Adirondack Bank
185 Genesee Street
Utica, NY 13501
Phone: (315) 798-4039

Mr Peter Baildon
c/o M&T Bank
233 Genesee Street
Utica, NY‎
Phone: (315) 738-4818

Mr Patrick Becher (See above)

Mr Francis J Behlmer
c/o BNY Mellon
6023 Airport Road
Oriskany, NY 13424
Phone: (212) 495-1784

Ms Sondra Butcher
c/o Bank of America
5701 Horatio Street
Utica, NY 13502-1024
Phone: (866) 826-8989

Ms Enessa Carbone
c/o Carbone Auto Group
5194 Commercial Drive
Yorkville, NY 13495
Phone: (315) 724-4216

Ms Laura Casamento
c/o Utica College
1600 Burrstone Road
Utica, NY 13502
Email: Laura Casamento
Phone: (315) 792-3222

Mr H Thomas Clark
c/o MacClark Corporation

Mr Richard Creedon
c/o Utica National Insurance

Mr Joseph Crillo
c/o Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce

Mr Ronald Cuccaro
c/o Adjusters International

Ms Alicia Dicks
c/o Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties

Ms Ronald Edwards
c/o Rome Industrial Development Corporation

Mr William C Gaetano
c/o Charles A Gaetano Construction Corporation

Ms Marianne Gaige
c/o Cathedral Corporation Inc

Dr Robert Geer
c/o SUNY Poly
100 Seymour Road
Utica, NY 13502
Email: Dr Robert Geer

Mr Charles Green, President & CEO
c/o Assured Information Security Inc
153 Brooks Road
Rome, NY 13441
Phone: (315) 336-3306
AIS on Twitter @ainfosec

Mr Lawrence T Gilroy III, President
Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy Inc
210 Clinton Road
New Hartford, NY 13413
Phone: (315) 768-8888
Email: Larry T Gilroy III

Mr Raymond Halbritter
c/o Oneida Indian Nation

Mr Gregory Harden
c/o Harden Furniture Inc

Mr Kirk B Hinman
c/o Rome Strip Steel Company Inc

Mr Justin Hummel
c/o Hummel's Office Plus

Mr Todd S Hutton
c/o Utica College

Mr Michael Kallet
c/o Oneida Savings Bank

Mr David Kavney
First Niagara Financial Group

Mr Alan Leist III
c/o Strategic Financial Services

Mr John J Livingston
c/o Utica Industrial Development Corporation

Mr Brian R Loughlin
c/o Bank of Utica

Mr Nicholas O Matt
c/o Matt Brewing Company Inc

Nicholas Mayhew
c/o GPO Federal Credit Union

James McCarthy
c/o Northland Communications

Ms Mary Malone McCarthy
c/o M3 Business Service Network

Ms Cathleen C McColgin
c/o Herkimer College

Mr Howard D Mettelman
c/o Oneida Herkimer Madison BOCES

Mr Michael Morrill
c/o Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce

Mr Thomas J Nelson
c/o Thomas J Nelson & Associates

Mr M. Brian O'Shaughnessy
c/o Revere Copper Products Inc

Mr Ryan O'Shaughnessy
c/o Rome Chamber of Commerce

Mr Chris Papayanakos
c/o Berkshire Bank

Mr Philip Paras
c/o Burrows Paper Corporation

Mr Michael J Parsons
c/o First Source Federal Credit Union

Mr Mark Pfisterer
c/o AmeriCU

Mr Scott Perra
c/o Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare

Mr Luke Pomilio
c/o ConMed Corporation

Mr F Eugene Romano
c/o Pacemaker Steel & Piping Company Inc

Mr Fred Schweizer
c/o ELG Utica Alloys Inc

Mr Richard Tantillo
c/o Hamilton College

Mr Randall J VanWagoner
c/o Mohawk Valley Community College

Mr Stephen B Waters
c/o Rome Sentinel Company

Ms Sabrina Webster
c/o Key Bank

May 11, 2016 - Use Our Money (Lots of Our Money), Then Withhold Information! The MVHS Board of Directors worked with Mohawk Valley EDGE on their current Downtown Utica hospital project per the image link that follows...

However, this past week we learned that the planning information is not available to residents and taxpayers who have questions. This per their President, Mr Steven DiMeo "EDGE is a private, New York not-for-profit corporation... EDGE has no plans to search files for the records which you seek..."

Meanwhile nearly all of Mohawk Valley EDGE's $5,000,000+ dollar budget comes from New York State taxpayers.

Interestingly, the CEO of the Mohawk Valley Health System, Mr Scott Perra, also sits on the Mohawk Valley EDGE's Board of Directors. This maybe be all-good-and-well, however just don't ask questions about funding, the hospital concept, etc. as these leaders have our very best interests at hand, right?

Join Us:            

Another group that requests and directs funding to build this ill-conceived hospital is the Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council They're "Pro-Downtown Hospital" and need to hear of your displeasure!

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown