What Is So Wrong With The St. Luke's Campus?

They claim there's a wetlands, but hospitals and many facilities displace wetlands all the time. Or they'll say, "It's hard to build a new hospital and run the current one at the same time". This is very surmountable as well, and as proof the Mohawk Valley Health System's Board of Directors unanimously voted for building at the St. Luke’s campus at the same time they voted on downtown.

While the hospital administration has stated, "Our elected officials say the money can only be used for the downtown site", this is not true - and if it was - why are politicians steering our hospital's and the region's healthcare investments? Furthermore, why did the hospital look for suitable sights ten mile outside of Utica? There are so many conflicting statements and questions.

So we ask, what's so wrong with St. Luke's? Well, it seems the easiest question is, "What's so great about St. Luke's?" Please let us share a few reasons...

1. Large 64 acre site

2. The hospital owns the land

3. Shared programs between college, hospital, and the nursing home

4. Shared power plant that's good for environment. (Note: If hospital leaves, energy costs to nursing home and college escalate significantly)...

5. Green hilltop; (a) Clean air, (b) Nice views from hospital room windows, better site for much more pleasant walking trails, (c) Less congested roads, (d) Less noise, and (e) Easy helicopter landing/safer flight path

6. The entire hospital isn't old, large percentage is much newer and can be utilized

7. Inner cities are poorer than outlying neighborhoods; hospital is safer on this campus

8. Travel time to large part of population is shorter

9. No need to re-purposes the campus; area’s track record is not good

10. If hospital departs, surrounding investments that established to serve hospital are stranded

11. Hospital is on city bus route (College, hospital, nursing home together supports bus system/route)

12. Hospital and nursing home are synergistic and positively co-dependent

13. Slocum Dickson Medical Group, and other medical facilities in and around the Utica Business Park and hospital, is a big positive

14. 40+ downtown businesses are not disrupted, property owners private land not taken

On top of all this, Downtown Utica is already rebuilding on its own. With Nano technology finally starting to create jobs, Utica needs to plan and build for the elements that people want in a city, as more and more are attracted to urban living.

Thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown so we can protect a downtown that we love from being bulldozed.

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown