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December 30, 2016 - #NoHospitalDowntown Billed As Part of 2016's Top Stories...

December 22, 2016 - How EVERYONE has become entangled in Fiasco General

December 20, 2016 - Downtown Utica Would Become Much Less Interesting With Huge Hospital

December 19, 2016 - NYSDOH Posts Q & A From "Oneida County Facilities Healthcare Transformation" Applicants

Read the ten (10) questions and answers submitted in the quest for $300 Million Dollar to build an "Oneida County Healthcare Facilities Transformation"; they're posted here: Grant DOH01-Oneida-2016, Questions & Answers Posting (PDF)

We are sure there would have been many more questions had the NYS DOH truly announced the grant application with a standard media press release. Why all the secrecy? We're talking about $300 million of taxpayers' hard earn wealth!

December 13, 2016 - Mohawk Valley Health Systems Can't Listen

Is Utica's hospital really ready to listen? Their website has a comment interface, but it is turned off. Why? They said they were ready to listen, but hired a Marketing, PR & Crisis communications firm.

The firm The Paige Group says, "there will be no filter". But they'll work around that, and the hospital will get what they need for their politicians, simply by using "selective listening".

Last night County Executive Anthony Picente, Jr. displayed his "selective eyesight" to residents at the South Utica Neighborhood Association meeting. He confirmed he's been to St. Joseph's Hospital in Syracuse and walked around. When told that the area is surrounded by blight, vacant and partially vacant buildings, he replied "I think your looking at the wrong things."

Let's see how this all goes.

December 6, 2016 - Common Council President Speaks About Proposed Hospital Concept On WUTQFM

Per Mr. Michael Galime, Utica Common Council President, regarding targeted Downtown Utica area that the hospital seeks: "That's A Business District That's Alive & Well Now"

We agree! The ill-conceived hospital concept has to be turned-away. Allow the Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood to developed much more properly. You can help, contact your government representatives and the media Links Here

Talk to your health care providers too, let them know you oppose the Downtown Utica hospital concept. It's not good for health care, and it's also destructive Urban Renewal for a large portion of downtown.

The efforts to build will be derailed by court battles, over the very questionable use of eminent domain. Way behind now, we'll stall their bad concept for many more months, years. Join us now on Facebook at #NoHospitalDowntown

December 3, 2016 - New Oneida County Hospital: Big week for listening, silenced!

This past week we were very encouraged, the hospital had told residents Hospital Officials Ready to Listen. Next a local radio station called and #NoHospitalDowntown Had A Chance To Speak. A TV program in Syracuse called too. It was looking like a great week to debate the topic we’ve advocated against for over a year and a half; the ill-conceived Downtown Utica hospital district.

After nearly three years politicians have planned, and twice granted $300 million, to fund their Oneida County health care transformation – however no one was ready to discuss it on a TV panel? Calls to hospital and politicians revealed no one wanted to appear on WCNY; the show was canceled. Our opportunity to debate, after the hospital said it was ready to listen, and they could not listen and or defend their $300 million 3 year old concept?

One has to wonder, what is wrong with the 64 acres at the St. Luke’s Campus, which the hospital has been accumulating for expansion and is bought and paid for? Why a drive to displace 40 businesses and bulldoze a neighborhood when Downtown Utica is on a new upswing?

We love Downtown Utica; see our discussion on Facebook or track the story on Twitter

why do other want to bulldoze 34-acres for an inner-city hospital district? The other side will not talk, so just when will they get to work on the region's healthcare system? Three years have passed so far...

December 1, 2016 - #NoHospitalDowntown "Utica Activists" Discuss Issues On WIBX Radio Program

Brett Truett and Lynne Mishalanie, advocates against a hospital concept for Downtown Utica, remind WIBX listeners "it's only a concept" and that Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi says, "the downtown location is not in stone..."

#NoHospitalDowntown equals... WE LOVE DOWNTOWN UTICA equals... #YesHospitalStLukes

November 30, 2016 - Visions Hotels: You Must Protect Hilton, Doubletree Brands & Your New Neighborhood

The Hotel Utica Getting New Name, Upgrades but new owners will also need to protect the Hilton and Doubletree brands. We also hope that the new management, Visions Hotels will protect the building's heritage and what remains of the next door Historic Columbia-Lafayette Streets Neighborhood.

If one looks at Vision's Website you'll see modern, but almost cookie-cutter hotels - save the Adam's Mark Buffalo Clean and great service, however none look like the Hotel Utica, nor appear to share the character of Hotel Utica. Will Visions Hotels care about this and the surrounding neighborhood?

#NoHospitalDowntown is hoping Visions Hotels "does right" by Downtown Utica and the hotel's new brands We are doing what we can:

November 24, 2016 - Happy Thanksgiving Utica, but please take heed...

Our Facebook Group #NoHospitalDowntown has been tracking the misguided urban renewal concept backed by politicians for over 18 months. Their concept is to buy and bulldoze 34 acres in Downtown Utica for an inner-city hospital. It is in progress now! They are pushing-out 41 businesses, along with the new police and city court campus - all of it gone...

Take action, join us on Facebook and Twitter, spread the word and we can turn-away this silly hospital concept with your help! Together we can seek better health care, keep downtown authentic, walkable and a place that people want to live and tourists will visit.

November 19, 2016 - Taxpayers, Residents March Against Hospital

Hospital activist group seeks answers; MVHS offers meetings. This per the Utica Observer-Dispatch as group says We want to talk about the downtown hospital

November 17, 2016 - Did NYSDOH & DASNY really "announce" the availability of HCFTP funds of up to $300 million today?

No news to the public or newswires (we're not surprised), but today we detected New York's $300 million dollar grant- one they've spoke about for 3 years! Learn more at Health Care Facility Transformation Program: Oneida County Request for Applications #1505060325, Grants Gateway ID: DOH01-Oneida-2016

Download Grant (PDF)

The hidden metatag "description" text on the NYS Department of Health's website reads:

"NYSDOH and DASNY announce the availability of HCFTP funds of up to $300 million: Oneida County, as established pursuant to Section 2825-b of the Public Health Law (PHL), for capital project(s) located in the largest population center in Oneida County that will consolidate multiple licensed health care facilities into an integrated system of care (including acute inpatient, outpatient primary and other health care services)."

Keyword metatags used: rfa, 1505060325, grants gateway, DOH01-Oneida-2016, oneida county, licensed health care facility consolidation(s)

We are tracking this and you can join us in the discussion at #NoHospitalDowntown on Facebook.

November 10, 2016 - Hospital Wants To Listen To Community, Yet Hires A Marketing Firm?

Odd, but not surprising, no conversation about why a totally new campus or where it should be located! But today we hear that the Mohawk Valley Health System is now ready to listen to taxpayers, this regarding their Downtown Utica hospital concept. Really? After two years, and three budget cycles, the Mohawk Valley Health System hires a marketing firm. Why hire a marketing/PR company "to listen"?

We've anticipated this "conversation" for 1-1/2 years, but as we suggested, it sounds like taxpayers will only have votes on the number and position of the bike racks and park benches. So #NoHospitalDowntown was right all along - Warning: Politicians At Work!

November 9, 2016 - We've Been Working Hard For Downtown Utica's Future, Is The Utica Observer-Dispatch Ready To Engage Too?

We have been asking questions, talking, setting and going to meetings, debating (mostly amongst ourselves), making calls, and investigating - for about sixteen months! "Why?", you might ask. We'd reply, "Because Downtown Utica is under attack!"

Just last week the Mohawk Valley EDGE & MVREDC were in Albany seeking $5.5 million to buy land for a downtown hospital, a hospital that is only just a concept, shrinking, and not even fully funded! Additionally, voters, taxpayers and residents have never had a public Q&A on Governor Cuomo's "Transformational Hospital", even though our political leaders have been working on spending $300 million of our money since the fall of 2014!

Is #NoHospitalDowntown starting to catch a break? Is our group's work & conversations paying off? Might we save Downtown Utica from being sold-off to those wishing to make handsome profits off the nation's soaring healthcare costs?

Sorry, we just have to ask since MVHS's (?) "Healthcare Consultants" offer a class called Real Estate 101 for Healthcare Executives In the video, Hammes Company explain how high-wealth individuals can target marquee locations (even if the properties/buildings are not for sale), and make big profits on "MOB" or Medical Office Buildings (Hospitals, doctor offices, etc.)

Today, the Utica Observer-Dispatch reports in their Op-Ed OUR VIEW: Proposed hospital plan still on critical list

We must remain vigilant until the MVHS Board of Directors announces that 1st choice Downtown Utica location has been rejected, and their unanimously agreed on 2nd location adopted at St. Luke's

Your phone call today could make the difference, take action and Make Healthcare The First Priority & Keep Downtown Utica Walkable & Authentic!

November 5, 2016 - Patients' Care Disrupted

A sad, a terribly frightening, story! A Utica doctor's words in today's Observer-Dispatch “Until then, I have to try to keep him alive and keep him from harming himself or anybody around him.”

We've heard of the terrible addiction problems in our region for years now. Today, we hear that Oneida County doesn't have a medical detoxification facility. This, at the same time although licensed for 570 beds, two of our hospitals have empty floors and are staffed for only 400 beds!

The Mohawk Valley region has wasted 3 years as "Albany's Unique $300 Million Gift" for improved healthcare has gone nowhere; this as our misguided politicians have the Mohawk Valley Health System thinking about economic development - not the region's health care!

So let's place this travesty at the feet of our Politicians and the Mohawk Valley EDGE. This as they pursue their ill-conceived, destructive urban renewal-style Downtown Utica hospital district, but not before they bulldoze a major portion of Utica's Central business district.

October 17, 2016 - #NoHospitalDowntown is moving into the streets! Join us to protest Fiasco General!

The City of Utica, and ironically a Few Boards Of Directors Of Various Economic Development Agencies & The Hospital System have a plan to Bulldoze Downtown Utica Help us take action to stop this ill-conceived concept...

October 12, 2016 - Has Mohawk Valley Health System CEO Scott Perra Hired An Objective Consultant?

Each time #NoHospitalDowntown looks to find facts, the reasons for supporting the politically-backed downtown hospital, we find troubling information like this. Hammes is the "engineering company" that studied the site selection work done by Mohawk Valley EDGE; they studied the costs of a new hospital at the St. Luke's campus vs. "going downtown", they then confirmed that the downtown site could work as costs were comparable. Continue reading...

October 5, 2016 - City Of Utica NY Displays False Information On City Website

The Common Council unanimously passed legislation on March 16, 2005 that designates a 120-acre portion of downtown as the Gateway Historic Canal District However, today the City of Utica Website shows a false and misleading Scenic & Historic map. Why?

The proper and legal representation of the city's zoning Should Show The Correct Legal Designations!

One has to wonder why the city does not show the correct legal information. Also, what other information is the City of Utica dispensing that is false? The corruption in Albany would appear very much at home here in Utica...

October 5, 2016 - Place Your Thoughts Into A Letter

As The Utica Observer-Dispatch starts to seek questions On The downtown Utica hospital from planners, please keep-up the drumbeat of letters in your local newspaper. Calling the editor(s) first will help. You can even ask for a larger letter, Opinion Page, feature if you have a significant amount of factual information to offer. The future of Downtown Utica is at stake! We cannot allow hospital and suburban sprawl ruin our historic, small-scale, downtown. Grab a pen, the phone and or email (provide your phone number so they can confirm your words are yours).

Mr Ron Johns, Executive Editor
221 Oriskany Plaza
Utica, NY 13502
Phone: (315) 792-5008
Email: Ron Johns

Send two copies, and or make two calls, both Mr Johns and Dudajek will be glad to have your thoughts and opinions...

Mr Dave Dudajek, Opinion & Viewpoints Editor
221 Oriskany Plaza
Utica, NY 13502
Phone: (315) 792-5090
Email: Dave Dudajek

September 27, 2016 - Two Years After, Downtown Hospital Remains An Enigma

This according to the Utica Observer-Disptach in their Editorial "OUR VIEW: Hospital Answers Needed"

What's an enigma? It's defined as Someone Or Something That Is Difficult To Understand Or Explain.

This reminds us of the quote by Chief Joseph "It Does Not Require Many Words To Speak The Truth" Readers comment online, they ask more and have other questions...

Ben Hammer - "The article states the biggest question surrounding this proposed fiasco is paying for it. While that is important, it is not the biggest question. The biggest question is WHY do we need it? Only after a truly identifiable need can discussion of funding begin. Instead, this entire mess has turned into the current shiny object for our band of crooked politicians to chase after. Shame on them."

Rodger Potocki - "The numbers presented already show that the primary funding for the hospital is the taxpayer. At the same time, the project is being controlled and managed by people and groups with no direct ties or accountability to we taxpayers. This is a very questionable approach which, as we've seen all to often, could have significant effects on the public purse, usually negative."

As we look for truth about the ill-conceived downtown hospital, we are confident taxpayers will get and see more of the government that they've been hearing about out of Albany and across Upstate. We agree with Chief Joseph above, and say, "If their concept is so great, why is it so hard for them to explain and finance (without the taxpayers!)?"

September 24, 2016 - Will Upstate Economic Development Scandle Touch Downtown Utica Hospital?

First clue, it's been said the Downtown Utica hospital was an effort to expand economic development in the "downtown region". Second, the MVHS Hospital leadership and the City of Utica seemed not to understand their roles, and that's why taxpayers only had the Mohawk Valley EDGE and government leaders touting their push for downtown.

Give us a few days, will are connecting the local dots in order to answer some questions that need to be asked and answered...

If Utica and or the hospital fiasco escapes the current and ongoing scandal, perhaps those involved will be glad they were not capable of getting their local "ducks in a row" faster?

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