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If Anyone Buys Into this Smoke Screen

Joseph P. Bottini, June 13, 2019

The following came from a MVHS google.

Project Vision Statement - To create an advanced healthcare campus for MVHS through design that promotes the health of patients, optimizes the work environment for caregivers, and serves as a catalyst for the revitalization of downtown Utica.

Folks, If anyone buys into this smokescreen, she or he is lacking in reading technique.

What it says is, we can't have a state-of-the-art hospital unless built downtown.

And of course,rehab of COLA is an added bonus.

It is the only reason the hospital is going downtown - except parking garage for AUD.

The nerve of anyone to this print the Project Vision Statement on a Website and expect it to go unnoticed as an incorrect statement for it leads one to think that the firs two sections of the statement are only in a downtown setting.

The third segment of the statements is where it is all at - and is being given short shift.

The rehabbing of a downtown neighborhood is a d- - - poor excuse for locating this venture in an inadequate, dangerous, illegal place.

If I cheated on my tax return to the extent MVHS has cheated on this project, I would go to jail, pay a big fine or both.

Is the new name of our nation The United States of Syria, Cuba or any other totalitarian nation you wish to name?

Tito of old Yugoslavia was not this bad.

The bullies are not all in Washington.

They walk the streets of Oneida County disguised as businessmen, politicians or both.

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