40+ Businesses Utica Is Pushing-out Of Downtown For A 5th Hospital District!

Current businesses in the targeted "bulldozer zone" include the following 41 firms! Plus according to a news story Will New Hospital Force Utica Police To Move? Since the whole downtown hospital story is on a "slow roll", we're sure to learn that it makes sense to bulldoze the City Courts too!

"My business and buildings aren't going anywhere! My son Josh is currently working to open his pizza shop out front. My plans are developing as well; adding onto my office equipment sales & service, and expanding into history-based tours and canal-era tourism. The hospital may feel as they have a good concept, I'd disagree. In fact, I'm prepared to meet them (the city, county or state) in a courtroom; we do not see a hospital where I'm standing, ever!", Joe Cerini, 424 Lafayette St, Utica - June 25, 2016

Here's the list, so many more than "Building A New Hospital In Downtown Utica Would Likely Require Several Existing Businesses To Move" Boy, has our media really failed at their job on this one!

1. Park Outdoor Advertising

2. Compassion Coalition Inc

3. Compassion Coalition / YBG Or Your Bargain Grocer

4. Maugeri's Auto Body

5. ABC ChemDry

6. Bengee's Tavern

7. Clemente Novelties Inc

8. Citation Services

9. Columbia Place Associates LLC

10. Dataflow

11. The former Dental Systems Group
(For Sale: $299,000, was $338,000. No longer listed?)

12. Schmalz Mechanical Contractors

13. Labor Ready
Labor Ready was renting from Angela Elefante who owns the land and building, which was the former Greyhound Bus terminal. Does the last name ring a bell? The business has closed, as a call to the national Labor Ready office (877)733-0430 reported that the closest Labor Ready office to zip code 13502 is in Syracuse. A local landscaper has begun beautifying the grounds.

Did Labor Ready decide to close, or did Ms. Elefante make the property unavailable - as she looks to support the political forces and their ill-conceived Downtown Utica hospital district? The Name "Elefante" Is Legend In Utica NY Politics

14. Eggers Caryl & Corrigan Inc

15. Elite Envy Salon & Spa

16. Dacobe Enterprises LLC

17. UAP Engine Rebuilders

18. N-Hance

19. Kelly's closet

20. Plaza Deli
21. Iglesia Del Dios Altisimo (Church of the Most High God)

22. John Bosco House

23. Rockford Auto Glass

24. Pete's Auto Parts
25. H.J. Brandeles Corporation
26. Fisher Auto Parts

27. J.P. O'Brien Plumbing & Heating
28. The Salvation Army

29. Turning Point Church

30. Your Store (PDF)

31. Teasers II

32. Mohawk Hospital Equipment Inc / Mohawk Healthcare

33. Nu-Look Cabinet Refacing

34. North Country Books

35. Urbanik's Paint & Wallpaper Co Inc

36. Resource Center for Independent Living

37. The Columbia Bar is closed, consider opening it up and help the Brewery District grow further...

38. The Utica Police Department Newly expanded police campus, millions spent as part of the Gateway Project, but the hospital might take it all and bulldoze it...

39. Utica City Courts Hospital might also take this building...

40. Metzler Print Inc Multi-generational printer is solid, Erie canal-era, brick building, boarding alleyway that connects Columbia and Lafayette Streets.

41. Empire Bath & Kitchen Inc Not within current footprint, but then again reports or disclosure as to exact footprint have never been fully documented amid changing headlines and stories.

More on these businesses and other buildings to follow. Including news, views, and stories of people who live in this area. People, families, who are working to restore historic homes and properties.

In the meantime, please connect with #NoHosapitalDowntown on Facebook.

February 5, 2016 - Adding to development now- new businesses are not waiting for - nor require - a new downtown hospital! This, as a new Dapper Dan dry cleaner location is to open in downtown Utica. Their new location is just 1/4 mile from where misguided leaders wish to bulldoze 34-acres #NHD applauds Dapper Dan for not only investing in downtown, but doing so in an old brick building!

We encourage others to head down to the Columbia and LaFayette Street district; make a purchase or perhaps look to develop a business and or building.

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown