Steve DiMeo, President of Mohawk Valley EDGE

This downtown hospital Concept is not about regional healthcare, it's a cover-up! A cover for the failed company and job attraction efforts of the Mohawk Valley EDGE. We're tracking the results of MV EDGE, their involvement in the new Utica hospital, regional healthcare, and their president's concept to bulldoze Downtown Utica - which is the last straw! Stay tuned as we report, investigate and try to save Downtown Utica from Steve's wrecking ball...

February 16, 2018 - Looking into #Emailgate we read MVEDGE president, Steve DiMeo say, "I guess the hospital can reduce costs if they just go and put this on the St. Luke's campus."

Then there are these MV500 Emails Regarding The Downtown Utica Hospital too.

Here's Steve depicted blowing bubbles, as he tries to inflate Fiasco General. Bill is the guy at the top who's in one of Steve's bubbles, Bill is the City of Utica Comptroller...

We tried to obtain information about the Downtown Utica hospital concept, Steve DiMeo told us "NO!"

Please return for more in the coming days and months ahead. Have a lead or insights on the MV EDGE, please send us an E-mail Message

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown