Have it both ways: Expanded Healthcare & Regional Medical Campus at St. Luke's
Authentic, Livable & Connected Downtown Neighborhoods

April 28, 2017 - MVHS's Mr. Scholefield, Video #1: "Politicians Said Money Is For Downtown Only"

Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Mohawk Valley Health System, Mr Robert Scholefield spoke this past Wednesday at the West Utica Citizens Forum. A loud audience demanded, "Why downtown? We don't want you to build downtown, build at St. Luke's 64-acre campus!"

However, Mr. Scholefield confirmed" "Assemblyman Brindisi & Senator Griffo Told Us The Money Is Only For A Downtown Utica Hospital"

You may also listen to Mohawk Valley Health System CEO Scott Perra On The Joe Kelly Show, where he confirms the same thing.

However, this conflicts with what taxpayers and residents have been told for almost two years now. It was widely reported The Hospital Searched Within A 10-mile Radius Of Utica, found 12 sites fitting their requirements, then it was narrowed to three, and finally two sites were unanimously voted on by the MVHS Board of Directors. To great fanfare, it was proclaimed, "Hospital Picks Downtown"

Brindisi Confirms To #NoHospitalDowntown The Hospital Picked Downtown...

We have just sent letters to area politicians seeking clarification; One Copy (Image) was Hand Delivered Earlier Today (PDF), more as we have it.

April 27, 2017 - "No Hospital Downtown" Citizen's Battle Cry

One news outlet covered the hospital "town hall"...

Where was our leading newspaper?

April 25, 2017 - Did You Miss Sunday's Joe Kelly Show? MVHS Vs. #NoHospitalDowntown

Joe Kelly offers listeners an Introduction, MVHS CEO Scott Perra goes first and explains the Hospital's Views On Downtown Location. Then in Part 3, our group follows-up with #NoHospitalDowntown Views...

Thank you Joe Kelly! To watch other great shows on community topics, please go to The Joe Kelly Show

April 24, 2017 - How Much Land Does A Hospital Need?

For two years the hospital has been unable to answer basic questions. Strong Opposition forced the hospital to Hire A Public Relations Firm simply to talk with residents and taxpayers, and the only two sessions held with the public showed a Downtown Utica Hospital Lacks Public Support - see another view of the Faces Of The Hospital PR Firm's Efforts.

Still the hospital and politicians march along; they hoped a Utica Chamber of Commerce Endorsement would help, it did not, and the bad information keeps turning up...

Why are your Utica-area Politicians Playing Games With The Mohawk Valley's Healthcare?

Join #NoHospitalDowntown as we gain momentum in turning -back the very ill-conceived hospital concept. Let's place hospital improvements onto the Large 64-acres Site At St. Luke's

April 23, 2017 - Today's The Joe Kelly Show, CEO Perra Pegs Politicians

What was so wrong with the large 64-acre plot at the current St. Luke's Campus, right across from the symbiotic Utica College? Politicians say the Hospital Board wanted downtown, yet today CEO Perra blames top location pick on "area politicians"...

We'd be very delighted if everyone stopped supporting the downtown concept and started focusing on another location. That way our new friends at Better Utica Downtown and 40+ businesses within Historic Downtown Utica's Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood could get back to focusing on their businesses.

April 22, 2017 - Utica's Fiasco General On Display in NYC

Great visit to NYC, poked around Greenwhich Village, then to film, conversations on sidewalks and in theater...

Can Utica's "Fiasco General" withstand much more? Listen to the growing Voices of Dissent on Utica’s Proposed Downtown Hospital Location Next up, national embarrassment...

April 20, 2017 - Ghost of Robert Moses Haunts Utica, NY

After nearly two years of investigations and protest, Utica-based Group #NoHospitalDowntown will picket the sidewalks around New York City’s Lincoln Center... Read More

Press Release (PDF), please join us at New York City’s Lincoln Center

April 19, 2017 - A Connected, Inside Team, Politicians Living In Bubbles

The Utica-area economy has fallen so far... people wanted good jobs, yet many had to leave as they had no choice. This as the world changed, but politicians did not address the problems at their roots. They created new agencies, tried endless business attraction schemes; added prisons, dangled BIG carrots at some firms (most never materialized, some did, but didn't last), buildings were torn down to make way "for the future", a distribution center added, and other businesses shuffled around and hailed as great progress... all while small local firms just chugged along.

Some local entrepreneurs took chances on old buildings, various store fronts, using modern themes and trends, they gave downtown Utica a new upswing. Then a few years ago, as Nano still wasn't materializing and Cuomo was thinking VERY BIG, huge sums were offered to Upstate cities. Teams went to work trying to find ways to make big splashes. The local Mohawk Valley team (heavily Utica-weighted) dreamed-up a modern downtown and wove-in themes of "technology", "research", and "students". To make it even better - they planned to fix a downtown area (picked by Hammes Company), one they called "functionally obsolete"and "blighted" - this location was so central to the passer-by's eyes, WOW! - what an impact it would make!

However the concept ran into trouble, many calculations were not made, and many details overlooked. Somebody outside "the team" was paying attention! Worse the "inside team" was using an old playbook, and also just assumed any companies and or people "in the way" could be dealt with. However, the "inside team's" concept, to use "better healthcare" and "great new shiny buildings", didn't impress nor fool everyone.

#NoHospitalDowntown was born, but politicians just ignored us. To this day, their plans grow ever bigger and concepts added; a beer museum, a second incubator, meeting spaces, two large parking garages, a casino, new roadways, ball fields, and a connected harbor. Yes, it's getting bigger and better in their eyes. Unfortunately in the public's eyes too, as our area media just prints the "inside team's" stories without deep questioning. Sadly the details for the short and longer costs, who's paying for it all, and what it all looks like is missing?

Yesterday we watched a business group support the inside team, but no new facts, no new insights, just the same old lines politicians have been using for over two years. This as they appear to live in comfortable insulated bubbles; one doesn't drive his taxpayer-financed black SUV, he's got two drivers who sit inside as he chats outside on the cell out of earshot; press conference over, time to call to pass the inside team's update "On up the ladder".

We feel it is time to expose the "inside team" and the politicians within it and or just playing along. Eventually they'll drop their big smelly mess...

April 18, 2017 - Utica Chamber To Drop 2nd MOAB

Yesterday we heard the Utica Chamber of Commerce would hold a press conference on the downtown hospital concept. Not being born last night, we started preparing to document the Chamber Of No Commerce

April 16, 2017 - New Game In Utica: "He Said, She Said"

This past week we heard Mohawk Valley Health System CEO Mr. Perra say, We were kinda pulled into Downtown, a lot of people thought it was a good idea. However in September 2015, Utica-area Politicians Told Us That The Hospital Made The Call!

One theory, Steve DiMeo hoping to be seen as an overachiever aiding Governor Cuomo, pulled-out all the stops to rebuild a downtown he sees as "obsolete and totally blighted". He's wrong, and his downtown hospital concept will fail.

The good news is that we'll save Utica from joining 20 Failed Projects Involving Eminent Domain Abuse, where we read: "The argument is always the same... tax-hungry bureaucrats and land-hungry developers claim that the use of eminent domain is necessary for economic development. They promise everything from high-rise condominiums to trendy shopping malls, all in the name of more taxes and jobs. There is a strong incentive for cities and developers to over-hype the benefits of individual private development projects involving eminent domain in order to garner political and public support. But it turns out that many of these projects are failures. This report details 20 prominent examples"

April 9, 2017 - New York Has A Budget With $300 Million For Hospital, Local Politicians Are Silent

For over two years the region has heard of a "new and transformative hospital", one which has cast large storm clouds over 34-acres of downtown. Politicians placed it into downtown, yet today not one uses the "H" word...

Good, we're tracking their every move...

From the Utica Observer-Dispatch archives: Years planning changes began in the mid-1960's, on two projects that would change the face of downtown Utica, and its skyline too! This aerial photo, looking west, was taken in April 1967 and shows vacant lots just to the south of Oneida County Court House In The Center Of This Photo. A few months later, construction would begin on the $10 million, 10-story Oneida County Office Building and the $11 million, 16-story State Office Building.

For more stories from the Utica newspaper, pick from the headlines at: Ten Years Of Downtown Utica Development

April 6, 2017 - With Or Without $300M Hospitalgate Sadly Continues

Every time news pops-up about the new Utica hospital concept, emails, text messages, and social media brings more intelligence and questions to our attention. We've looked back in time and tried hard to keep up with the changing headlines, it's not very easy. However, we have mapped-out the ecosystem of players, properties and theories. Our war rooms have lots of information, for example like this...

As new voices come forth, be sure that #NoHospitalDowntown will remain committed to protecting Utica's Downtown Businesses, our Historic Buildings and small-city street grid. It's the right, and only thing to do, and any modern day urban planning firm would agree!

Please join #NoHospitalDowntown On Facebook

April 3, 2017 - No $300M Grant Or Grant Winner, But Cuomo Names MVHS!

Mr. Cuomo failed to deliver an on time budget today. However, the govenor Announced Details of A Fiscal Year 2018 State Budget Extender

In this "Extender" Cuomo proudly announced $300 Million that's been promised for years for a new Downtown Utica hospital. Oddly the grant, by way of a NYS Grants Gateway has not named a winner, nor even informs taxpayers of the Oneida County grant opportunity.

Read about how MVHS wins the day... "$300 Million for Utica Hospital: New York State has awarded $300 million for the Mohawk Valley Health System to build a modern and efficient hospital in downtown Utica. This 392 bed, 750,000 square-foot world-class health care facility will replace the outdated and obsolete St. Luke’s Hospital Campus and St. Elizabeth Medical Center, further integrating the system of care in Oneida County. The new state-of-the-art hospital will offer emergency, acute inpatient, outpatient, primary care and other health care services in a single downtown location, improving the accessibility and quality of health care in the region. Mohawk Valley Health System’s project, awarded via competitive RFA, will strengthen the fiscal stability of the regional health care system, save taxpayer dollars, and bring thousands of jobs into downtown Utica." But where was MVHS named as the grant winner?

"No mind", is likely Mr Cuomo's attitude. What better way to show the local Mohawk Valley politicians lining up behind Cuomo, that Albany "has their backs", by jumping the gun and stating specifics of an undesigned hospital and one without a Certificate of Need (C.O.N.)!

Be it known, most residents do not support a downtown location. Also, a number of the 40+ businesses and property owners plan to fight the takeover of their property.

* * * NOTE * * *

We have tracked what we call #Hospitalgate step-by-step and after the "Question & Answer" period first ended, the NYSDOH posted Two Pages Of Q&A's How is it that today we find Forty Three Pages Of Q&A's? And still, how does Cuomo name the fund recipient today, when we did not even hear about a grant winner?

Lastly, the original NYSDOH website said the winner would be announced at the end of February 2017. That never happened, but we now have Cuomo's message? So Mr. Cuomo, this downtown hospital concept must be all yours!

April 2, 2017 - Donations To Fund Healthcare, Or Bulldozers?

Time is now to begin to tell Mohawk Valley Health System "No" with your wallet! They are currently entering into the "silent phase" of their capital campaign to raise money for the ill-conceived downtown hospital district.

Let's tell them if they go downtown then the community will not support them financially or otherwise. We do have a say! So when they reach out to you, "JUST SAY NO!", no money until they announce they're not going downtown. Afterwhich, we're ready and committed to help raise money.

March 27, 2017 - Dear City Of Utica: Your Hospital District Concept Would Be Another Mistake... Will You Ever Learn?

So many buildings have been torn-down for surface parking, and our Oneida County Executive "exclaims proudly" he has done more; His Announcement and Project Nears Completion This and the Hotel Utica in recent months knocked down its historic parking garage for a surface lot.

Not only do these steps destroy the character of the city, they destroy the tax base. It's like "suburban sprawl" within our city, terrible mistakes...

Learn more from - Rome NY native - Joseph Minicozzi, principal of Urban3 LLC as they exclaim "Dense urban development makes for more economically robust cities". Catch his video at TEDxAsheville

Utica is a small city and land is in very short supply. Utica cannot afford a fifth hospital district. Will Utica learn before it is too late?

March 24, 2017 - West Utica Citizens NOT To Hear From Hospital, #NoHospitalDowntown Will Present

The monthly West Utica Citizens Forum will not host MVHS administration as originally planned. However, #NoHospitalDowntown will be there. Come have your questions answered on Wednesday, March 29 at the West Side Senior Center at 717 Court Street, Utica, NY.

For almost two year #NoHospitalDowntown has followed (and often generated) the much-needed debate over the downtown hospital concept... one that seeks to bulldoze 34 acres of Downtown Utica. We say, why destroy downtown streets, alleys and historic buildings - and displace 40+ businesses!! - when St. Luke's today owns 64-acres across from Utica College?

March 14, 2017 - Eminent Domain Real Threat To Property & Business Owners

This week a Columbia-Lafayette property owner shared a letter sent by a Eminent Domain law firm called Biersdorf & Associates This firm must mine database to find potential clients, in the case of Mohawk Valley Health System's Downtown Utica Hospital, it seems that a NYS Department of Transportation alerted the law firm.

MVHS's St. Luke's Campus today owns 64-acres, yet they just do not seem to care about the 40+ businesses within Historic Downtown Utica's Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood.

Say hello to Biersdorf & Associates on Twitter @CondemnationLaw, get to know the NYS Eminent Domain Procedure Law and notes on the NYS DOT's website NYS DOT Engineering Division Office of Design: Eminent Domain Procedure Law

March 8, 2017 - Downtown Hospital 2,000 Feet From Busy Northeast CSX Tracks

Today Utica has three hospitals, St. Luke's is part of a medical district near Utica College. It shares a modern $15 million dollar co-generation power plant, a "green" micro-grid. St. Luke's has lots of room, 64-acres, enough space to Keep the St. Luke's home & Construct Eight Hospitals. And as you can see, they could Build a new hospital & medical office building, while the current hospital continues to function.

Why move the hospital into the compact area of downtown? The area is very close to CSX freight tracks hauling 100-car oil trains...

Why bulldoze Downtown Utica as many new developments are taking place? With Nano we will create even more demand for a vibrant urban city downtown. This, and Utica has Faxton Hospital expanding services, it just doesn't make sense.

March 3, 2017 - Downtown Hospital Zone = Eminent Domain Court Battles!

Shown here is the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation's CRIS: Utica Hospital Consultation Project area. Will a huge part of Downtown Utica be bulldozed for Utica New York's 5th hospital district?

A question in today's Utica Observer-Dispatch - their story headline - reads: Downtown hospital: Could it come to eminent domain? Yet the answer is in the very article, and it's "Yes", if the hospital board continues to push the ill-conceieved Downtown Utica location...

We say "Make it ALL about health care!", build at the St. Luke's Campus which is the Mohawk Valley Health Systems 2nd Unanimous Site. as they've stated:

"In the event the downtown site proves not to be financially viable, we will move on to our second site option at the St. Luke’s Campus, which the board feels will also serve the community well."

March 1, 2017 - Yes, the cavalry has arrived!

The situation has changed. Politicians and hospital administration called us the "vocal minority", but of course they're wrong and just talking their talk. However over the last weeks, things have changed, momentum has taken hold and new members have arrived...

Prepare for the new "Better Plan", as we defeat "Fiasco General" and as more facts, people's true feelings, and stories are heard. Will anyone catch some heat? Please join us (1,600+ strong!) at #NoHospitalDowntown

February 22, 2017 - "Oneida County History? Furgit Abot It!"

Our Oneida County Historian writes, "One for all, and all for one is not in the DNA of Oneida County/Central New York"

February 16, 2017 - "Downtowners Do Not Want A Hospital District"

Long-time resident and business owner, William Corrigan Speaks Out Against Proposed Downtown Utica Hospital concept...

As does this reader of the Utica Observer-Dispatch, Joanne Sirtoli today...

Recently the founding members of #NoHospitalDowntown spoke with the Utica Observer-Dispatch's Editorial Board. We're looking forward to their take on what we shared and we'll update you here later on (see below Tweet).

February 9, 2017 - "People of the Mohawk Valley vs. New York State Department of Health"

Politicians had hopes, a concept, and yet they we're backed by bad community actors (sound oddly familiar New York?). Now the people are driven to their next step...

You're invited to add to our wealth of documented knowledge as we prepare our case. Use E-mail, click #NoHospitalDowntown You may also join, add your comments, on our Facebook Group: #NoHospitalDowntown and sign-up for Newsletter updates: Get Updates If you're wondering, this is Who We Are

February 7, 2017 - Landmarks Society Very Far From Neutral

Landmarks Society president Steven Grant pens letter to his members regarding Mohawk Valley Health System's concept for a Downtown Utica hospital...

Bottom line: 1) What do the planners have in mind at this point? 2) What urban fabric will be left if everything is razed? 3) Historic buildings are going to be demolished to create some sort of green space? Too many unanswered questions. Downtown Utica is enjoying a resurgence because of the existing urban fabric - a fabric that includes many, many, historical structures that benefitted from an adaptive reuse. In order for us all to benefit from our area's history, we first have to save it. Click to Read Steven's Letter

Did you miss the MVHS's "public information" sessions? If so, here's the questionnaire that was distributed at the sessions.

February 5, 2017 - Bye-bye Downtown Utica! Hello, Poor, Inner-City Hospital District...

How did it happen? What was wrong with the St. Luke's Campus? They had 64-acres on a green hilltop! Wasn't the new police station and courthouse campus a perfect setting next to the AUD? How on earth did this happen? Yes, so many future questions, but it's just "Too sad, too bad" now...

Are St. Elizabeth's and St. Luke's Campuses still sitting empty? Boarded-up and costing taxpayers money? And what about the tremendous costs over-runs of the hospital in downtown; a new courthouse, new police station and maintenance garage, with Comets fans and hospital visitors paying for parking... and no one feels very safe! Why are all these nefarious people hanging around the hospital district?

Can't something be done? Who's idea was this anyway Mr. Brindisi?

February 1, 2017 - Bye-bye Small Town, Hello Big City!

Want to fix a problem at home? Better to get out-of-town help...

What will people of Utica do, those marching forth with their derelict concept? This, when they must answer to people wholly uninterested in who they know, and impervious to what locals thought they'd receive via our small-city's "Friends & Family" plan?

Perhaps the foolish hospital concept is just what was needed? Just the event to finally (once again) move Utica away from the politics of old?

January 31, 2017 - Best Photo? Certainly The Best Quote of 2017: "We Don't Want You To Dig!"

The Utica Observer-Dispatch Captures Citizen Lou Critelli Yelling, misses audio, but it's caught here..."We don't want you to dig!"

About the only people seeking to bulldoze Downtown Utica are deaf politicians, and tainted community leaders, who seek to grab fame and make a "real estate buck" on the backs of taxpayers and our country's disgustingly expensive and ineffective health care system.

Does Cuomo even care? Or does Cuomo just want billions in construction to show that he can build, regardless if it's good, bad, or just down-right stupid.

January 29, 2017 - What Did Hospital Board Chairman Norm Siegel Say?

On December 11, 2015 Hospital Board Chairman Norm Siegel said they'd "...study the re-use of our old hospitals, before a dime was spent on downtown plans". That has not been the case. We know nothing of repurposing our old hospitals. Will our old hospitals remain open for the poor? Is the new downtown hospital to only be for the rich, those who can afford private rooms?

One day in the sad future of Downtown Utica... might the poor to be placed on buses bound for St. Luke's, Faxton and St. Elizabeth's? While the rich and well-insured stay at "Millionaire's Healthcare"...

Look at the demographics of Utica, we're a poor city. The well-to-do go out of town for their health care, just ask your politician. If they're honest you will hear they do not go to Utica hospitals. This will not change with a new one, and soon - they will not go downtown for entertainment - as nobody goes to inner-city hospital districts for anything but medical attention!

January 27, 2017 - Architects Talk Hospital Design

Today's paper tries to wallpaper over the illegal Downtown Utica hospital concept, read it here in Architects talk about designing hospital for Utica's future

A Utica-area resident responds: "1) Will it keep existing streets and intersections open? Otherwise it will interfere with development and accessing businesses and properties blocks away from the facility. (2) Will it include "mixed use" facilities? Otherwise it will be inconsistent with the official public vision (the Master Plan) for Downtown. (3) Will it conform to the Gateway Historic District's design requirements? Otherwise it would appear to be illegal under our zoning law! (4) Will it preserve the existing businesses in the district? Otherwise there will be a loss of jobs and tax revenues. (5) Will it replicate the Police Maintenance garage? Otherwise taxpayers will have to fund a replacement. The final design can meet all of these requirements -- if MVHS is willing to spend the money needed to meet non-hospital requirements" Frank Montecalvo

And we ask further, "What's so great about the architect's other projects?" What's with Swedish Medical that they offer as a reference? What's also true about their reference hospitals they're not telling us? Don't worry, we're investigating...

January 21, 2017 - #NoHospitalDowntown Faces-off With The Mohawk Valley Health System

MVHS Hospital CEO, Oneida County Health Department Director, and a City of Utica employee make their cases for a Inner-city Hospital District. Followed by founding members of this group...

What do you think? Head over to #NoHospitalDowntown we'd love to gain your support and comments!

January 19, 2017 - Mike Galime, Utica Common Council President Speaks About Hospital Concept

While the Utica Mayor has been largely silent on the hospital concept, Mike Galime Makes A Video Statement. We hope this brings this ill-conceived, and politically-backed, concept out into the light of day.

The above video release was followed-up with Mike Galime Speaking With WUTQ Regarding The Downtown Hospital Concept Lack Of Transparancy...

January 17, 2017 - Thanks for the coverage, but does the Utica newspaper just want to sell more issues?

The Utica OD editors say "keep moving forward", in spite of facts that make a hospital impossible!

However, right beside the UticaOD's above opinion, an intelligent reader is more rational:

Downtown hospital isn't a done deal

"The proposed downtown hospital is just that - a proposal. Ask Mohawk Valley Health Systems President Scott Perra and Vice President Robert Scholefield and it's a done-deal. They have admitted though, many steps remain in negotiations with landowners. MVHS believes it WILL purchase this property. What if the landowners don't sell? Somehow it seems this question never occurred to MVHS management. The city and hospital both say no to eminent domain. Therefore this proposal relies on landowner cooperation. What if landowners don't cooperate? The answer? Landowners owe MVHS nothing.

At the Jan. 10 forum, Perra was asked about revenue loss from displaced businesses. He essentially stated a downtown hospital with its "$480 million" price tag would "relatively quickly" outpace current economic activity. He ignores that his numbers are taxpayer dollars funneled into artificial economic "growth" in an area where many did not ask for this project and remain opposed to it.

MVHS is not entitled to downtown simply because they have been given a golden goose by state taxpayers. Perra should speak with folks who have raised their geese downtown, organically. If local leaders continue to build as THEY wish instead of working with residents, I'm afraid all of our eggs may end up scrambled." CRAIG MILES, Clinton

Consider this: Per the reporting of Kim Slowey @kimslowey of Construction Dive, "...the fate of the Affordable Care Act under a new administration is up in the air and has stalled, to some degree, planning for new medical facilities. Under the existing healthcare policy, construction of smaller, community-based clinics has thrived in order to meet the ACA goals of increased patient monitoring."

We believe New York State Governor Cuomo is seeking a very visible "Temple In Downtown Utica" and thus instead of improvements to hospitals we already have, and adding new clinics or urgent/primary care facilities, Utica New York is fighting "Fiasco General"... Cuomo wants BIG:

Consider: Crowd Disasters at Mass Gatherings, The AUD & Downtown Utica

The Utica AUD can attract 6,000 people at musical events, 4,000 for hockey. The AUD management has also said they want to expand, that's great. The Oneida County Executive is also leading a new NYS Authority in the same direction it seems, NYSSEFA

If one reads about mass gatherings, accidents, as well as the increased chance for terrorism-type incidents; why would the region's prime Mohawk Valley Health System hospital district wish to be relocated within 1,000 feet of the AUD? Meanwhile, the DOT is seeking to narrow and slow-down East-to-West traffic flows in downtown.

Attempting to place our hospital into Downtown Utica, next to large-scale public events, when the hospital currently owns 64-acres on a green hilltop - under two miles away! - seems like a terrible mistake, and just asking for unnecessary risks and trouble!

Oh, and there are those "oil trains" too - 100 railcars of flammable oil - going through Utica at 55mph...

January 15, 2017 - Two Faces of Public Relations, A.K.A. Storytelling

The Mohawk Valley Health System COO Bob Scholefield and the head of his hired Marketing/PR firm looking pleased sharing a story with the CNY Business Journal. It's a tall tale about a politically-backed $600M to $1B, Downtown Utica temple - a.k.a. "Fiasco General" - or simply put "their concept for a poor, inner-city, hospital district. One that would become Utica's 5th hospital district. Which might explain the other look on the PR firm's CEO's face as she listens to taxpayers and residents...

January 14, 2017 - This Week The People Of Utica Spoke To Mohawk Valley Health System

Did the hospital administration and board of directors, the politicians backing the concept, and the PR firm (The Paige Group) hired, finally hear the news? If so, or if they had the courage to take a poll, it's very clear a majority of residents and taxpayers are squarely against their Downtown Utica Hospital concept.

An inner-city hospital is far from the best use of Utica's Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood. Adding to that, there are (today!!) 40 businesses located where the politicians have directed the hospital - making it simply unconscionable!

Downtown Utica has been on a new uptick, and to continue this trend is critical, a 34 or even a 25-acre hospital district would be pure destructive urban renewal. And the people don't want this HUGE, politically-backed, infrastructure project very sadly disguised as "improved health care"!

For months, #NoHospitalDowntown has asked, "Why does the City of Utica display false information on their website?" Mr. Ron Vincent asks it again at the MVHS forum, as he waves his research on zoning, as well his documentation showing Utica is also ignoring the City's Master Plan...

Take action, join us on Facebook and Twitter, spread the word and we can turn-away this silly hospital concept with your help! Together we can seek better health care, keep downtown authentic, walkable and a place that people want to live and tourists will visit.

January 11, 2017 - Mohawk Valley Health System CEO Perra Has Been Asleep!

The Mohawk Valley Health System has made wrong turn, after wrong turn. They started hearing from politicians early on, and then Mohawk Valley EDGE influenced their Board of Directors, did the hospital forget to read the request for funding, or did they plan to just ignore the public?

Public engagement was known to be a requirement since 2014...

December 30, 2016 - #NoHospitalDowntown Billed As Part of 2016's Top Stories

December 22, 2016 - How EVERYONE has become entangled in Fiasco General

December 20, 2016 - Downtown Utica Would Become Much Less Interesting With Huge Hospital

December 19, 2016 - NYSDOH Posts Q & A From "Oneida County Facilities Healthcare Transformation" Applicants

Read the ten (10) questions and answers submitted in the quest for $300 Million Dollar to build an "Oneida County Healthcare Facilities Transformation"; they're posted here: Grant DOH01-Oneida-2016, Questions & Answers Posting (PDF)

We are sure there would have been many more questions had the NYS DOH truly announced the grant application with a standard media press release. Why all the secrecy? We're talking about $300 million of taxpayers' hard earn wealth!

December 13, 2016 - Mohawk Valley Health Systems Can't Listen

Is Utica's hospital really ready to listen? Their website has a comment interface, but it is turned off. Why? They said they were ready to listen, but hired a Marketing, PR & Crisis communications firm.

The firm The Paige Group says, "there will be no filter". But they'll work around that, and the hospital will get what they need for their politicians, simply by using "selective listening".

Last night County Executive Anthony Picente, Jr. displayed his "selective eyesight" to residents at the South Utica Neighborhood Association meeting. He confirmed he's been to St. Joseph's Hospital in Syracuse and walked around. When told that the area is surrounded by blight, vacant and partially vacant buildings, he replied "I think your looking at the wrong things."

Let's see how this all goes.

December 6, 2016 - Common Council President Speaks About Proposed Hospital Concept On WUTQFM

Per Mr. Michael Galime, Utica Common Council President, regarding targeted Downtown Utica area that the hospital seeks: "That's A Business District That's Alive & Well Now"

We agree! The ill-conceived hospital concept has to be turned-away. Allow the Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood to developed much more properly. You can help, contact your government representatives and the media Links Here

Talk to your health care providers too, let them know you oppose the Downtown Utica hospital concept. It's not good for health care, and it's also destructive Urban Renewal for a large portion of downtown.

The efforts to build will be derailed by court battles, over the very questionable use of eminent domain. Way behind now, we'll stall their bad concept for many more months, years. Join us now on Facebook at #NoHospitalDowntown

December 3, 2016 - New Oneida County Hospital: Big week for listening, silenced!

This past week we were very encouraged, the hospital had told residents Hospital Officials Ready to Listen. Next a local radio station called and #NoHospitalDowntown Had A Chance To Speak. A TV program in Syracuse called too. It was looking like a great week to debate the topic we’ve advocated against for over a year and a half; the ill-conceived Downtown Utica hospital district.

After nearly three years politicians have planned, and twice granted $300 million, to fund their Oneida County health care transformation – however no one was ready to discuss it on a TV panel? Calls to hospital and politicians revealed no one wanted to appear on WCNY; the show was canceled. Our opportunity to debate, after the hospital said it was ready to listen, and they could not listen and or defend their $300 million 3 year old concept?

One has to wonder, what is wrong with the 64 acres at the St. Luke’s Campus, which the hospital has been accumulating for expansion and is bought and paid for? Why a drive to displace 40 businesses and bulldoze a neighborhood when Downtown Utica is on a new upswing?

We love Downtown Utica; see our discussion on Facebook or track the story on Twitter

why do other want to bulldoze 34-acres for an inner-city hospital district? The other side will not talk, so just when will they get to work on the region's healthcare system? Three years have passed so far...

December 1, 2016 - #NoHospitalDowntown "Utica Activists" Discuss Issues On WIBX Radio Program

Brett Truett and Lynne Mishalanie, advocates against a hospital concept for Downtown Utica, remind WIBX listeners "it's only a concept" and that Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi says, "the downtown location is not in stone..."

#NoHospitalDowntown equals... WE LOVE DOWNTOWN UTICA equals... #YesHospitalStLukes

Take action, join us on Facebook and Twitter

November 30, 2016 - Visions Hotels: You Must Protect Hilton, Doubletree Brands & Your New Neighborhood

The Hotel Utica Getting New Name, Upgrades but new owners will also need to protect the Hilton and Doubletree brands. We also hope that the new management, Visions Hotels will protect the building's heritage and what remains of the next door Historic Columbia-Lafayette Streets Neighborhood.

If one looks at Vision's Website you'll see modern, but almost cookie-cutter hotels - save the Adam's Mark Buffalo Clean and great service, however none look like the Hotel Utica, nor appear to share the character of Hotel Utica. Will Visions Hotels care about this and the surrounding neighborhood?

#NoHospitalDowntown is hoping Visions Hotels "does right" by Downtown Utica and the hotel's new brands We are doing what we can:

November 24, 2016 - Happy Thanksgiving Utica, but please take heed...

Our Facebook Group #NoHospitalDowntown has been tracking the misguided urban renewal concept backed by politicians for over 18 months. Their concept is to buy and bulldoze 34 acres in Downtown Utica for an inner-city hospital. It is in progress now! They are pushing-out 41 businesses, along with the new police and city court campus - all of it gone...

Take action, join us on Facebook and Twitter, spread the word and we can turn-away this silly hospital concept with your help! Together we can seek better health care, keep downtown authentic, walkable and a place that people want to live and tourists will visit.

November 19, 2016 - Taxpayers, Residents March Against Hospital

Hospital activist group seeks answers; MVHS offers meetings. This per the Utica Observer-Dispatch as group says We want to talk about the downtown hospital

November 17, 2016 - Did NYSDOH & DASNY really "announce" the availability of HCFTP funds of up to $300 million today?

No news to the public or newswires (we're not surprised), but today we detected New York's $300 million dollar grant- one they've spoke about for 3 years! Learn more at Health Care Facility Transformation Program: Oneida County Request for Applications #1505060325, Grants Gateway ID: DOH01-Oneida-2016

Download Grant (PDF)

The hidden metatag "description" text on the NYS Department of Health's website reads:

"NYSDOH and DASNY announce the availability of HCFTP funds of up to $300 million: Oneida County, as established pursuant to Section 2825-b of the Public Health Law (PHL), for capital project(s) located in the largest population center in Oneida County that will consolidate multiple licensed health care facilities into an integrated system of care (including acute inpatient, outpatient primary and other health care services)."

Keyword metatags used: rfa, 1505060325, grants gateway, DOH01-Oneida-2016, oneida county, licensed health care facility consolidation(s)

We are tracking this and you can join us in the discussion at #NoHospitalDowntown on Facebook.

November 10, 2016 - Hospital Wants To Listen To Community, Yet Hires A Marketing Firm?

Odd, but not surprising, no conversation about why a totally new campus or where it should be located! But today we hear that the Mohawk Valley Health System is now ready to listen to taxpayers, this regarding their Downtown Utica hospital concept. Really? After two years, and three budget cycles, the Mohawk Valley Health System hires a marketing firm. Why hire a marketing/PR company "to listen"?

We've anticipated this "conversation" for 1-1/2 years, but as we suggested, it sounds like taxpayers will only have votes on the number and position of the bike racks and park benches. So #NoHospitalDowntown was right all along - Warning: Politicians At Work!

November 9, 2016 - We've Been Working Hard For Downtown Utica's Future, Is The Utica Observer-Dispatch Ready To Engage Too?

We have been asking questions, talking, setting and going to meetings, debating (mostly amongst ourselves), making calls, and investigating - for about sixteen months! "Why?", you might ask. We'd reply, "Because Downtown Utica is under attack!"

Just last week the Mohawk Valley EDGE & MVREDC were in Albany seeking $5.5 million to buy land for a downtown hospital, a hospital that is only just a concept, shrinking, and not even fully funded! Additionally, voters, taxpayers and residents have never had a public Q&A on Governor Cuomo's "Transformational Hospital", even though our political leaders have been working on spending $300 million of our money since the fall of 2014!

Is #NoHospitalDowntown starting to catch a break? Is our group's work & conversations paying off? Might we save Downtown Utica from being sold-off to those wishing to make handsome profits off the nation's soaring healthcare costs?

Sorry, we just have to ask since MVHS's (?) "Healthcare Consultants" offer a class called Real Estate 101 for Healthcare Executives In the video, Hammes Company explain how high-wealth individuals can target marquee locations (even if the properties/buildings are not for sale), and make big profits on "MOB" or Medical Office Buildings (Hospitals, doctor offices, etc.)

Today, the Utica Observer-Dispatch reports in their Op-Ed OUR VIEW: Proposed hospital plan still on critical list

We must remain vigilant until the MVHS Board of Directors announces that 1st choice Downtown Utica location has been rejected, and their unanimously agreed on 2nd location adopted at St. Luke's

Your phone call today could make the difference, take action and Make Healthcare The First Priority & Keep Downtown Utica Walkable & Authentic!

November 5, 2016 - Patients' Care Disrupted

A sad, a terribly frightening, story! A Utica doctor's words in today's Observer-Dispatch “Until then, I have to try to keep him alive and keep him from harming himself or anybody around him.”

We've heard of the terrible addiction problems in our region for years now. Today, we hear that Oneida County doesn't have a medical detoxification facility. This, at the same time although licensed for 570 beds, two of our hospitals have empty floors and are staffed for only 400 beds!

The Mohawk Valley region has wasted 3 years as "Albany's Unique $300 Million Gift" for improved healthcare has gone nowhere; this as our misguided politicians have the Mohawk Valley Health System thinking about economic development - not the region's health care!

So let's place this travesty at the feet of our Politicians and the Mohawk Valley EDGE. This as they pursue their ill-conceived, destructive urban renewal-style Downtown Utica hospital district, but not before they bulldoze a major portion of Utica's Central business district

Join Us:            

October 17, 2016 - #NoHospitalDowntown is moving into the streets! Join us to protest Fiasco General!

The City of Utica, and ironically a Few Boards Of Directors Of Various Economic Development Agencies & The Hospital System have a plan to Bulldoze Downtown Utica Help us take action to stop this ill-conceived concept...

October 12, 2016 - Has Mohawk Valley Health System CEO Scott Perra Hired An Objective Consultant?

Each time #NoHospitalDowntown looks to find facts, the reasons for supporting the politically-backed downtown hospital, we find troubling information like this. Hammes is the "engineering company" that studied the site selection work done by Mohawk Valley EDGE; they studied the costs of a new hospital at the St. Luke's campus vs. "going downtown", they then confirmed that the downtown site could work as costs were comparable. Continue reading...

October 5, 2016 - City Of Utica NY Displays False Information On City Website

The Common Council unanimously passed legislation on March 16, 2005 that designates a 120-acre portion of downtown as the Gateway Historic Canal District However, today the City of Utica Website shows a false and misleading Scenic & Historic map. Why?

The proper and legal representation of the city's zoning Should Show The Correct Legal Designations!

One has to wonder why the city does not show the correct legal information. Also, what other information is the City of Utica dispensing that is false? The corruption in Albany would appear very much at home here in Utica...

October 5, 2016 - Place Your Thoughts Into A Letter

As The Utica Observer-Dispatch starts to seek questions On The downtown Utica hospital from planners, please keep-up the drumbeat of letters in your local newspaper. Calling the editor(s) first will help. You can even ask for a larger letter, Opinion Page, feature if you have a significant amount of factual information to offer. The future of Downtown Utica is at stake! We cannot allow hospital and suburban sprawl ruin our historic, small-scale, downtown. Grab a pen, the phone and or email (provide your phone number so they can confirm your words are yours).

Mr Ron Johns, Executive Editor
221 Oriskany Plaza
Utica, NY 13502
Phone: (315) 792-5008
Email: Ron Johns

Send two copies, and or make two calls, both Mr Johns and Dudajek will be glad to have your thoughts and opinions...

Mr Dave Dudajek, Opinion & Viewpoints Editor
221 Oriskany Plaza
Utica, NY 13502
Phone: (315) 792-5090
Email: Dave Dudajek

September 27, 2016 - Two Years After, Downtown Hospital Remains An Enigma

This according to the Utica Observer-Disptach in their Editorial "OUR VIEW: Hospital Answers Needed"

What's an enigma? It's defined as Someone Or Something That Is Difficult To Understand Or Explain.

This reminds us of the quote by Chief Joseph "It Does Not Require Many Words To Speak The Truth" Readers comment online, they ask more and have other questions...

Ben Hammer - "The article states the biggest question surrounding this proposed fiasco is paying for it. While that is important, it is not the biggest question. The biggest question is WHY do we need it? Only after a truly identifiable need can discussion of funding begin. Instead, this entire mess has turned into the current shiny object for our band of crooked politicians to chase after. Shame on them."

Rodger Potocki - "The numbers presented already show that the primary funding for the hospital is the taxpayer. At the same time, the project is being controlled and managed by people and groups with no direct ties or accountability to we taxpayers. This is a very questionable approach which, as we've seen all to often, could have significant effects on the public purse, usually negative."

As we look for truth about the ill-conceived downtown hospital, we are confident taxpayers will get and see more of the government that they've been hearing about out of Albany and across Upstate. We agree with Chief Joseph above, and say, "If their concept is so great, why is it so hard for them to explain and finance (without the taxpayers!)?"

September 24, 2016 - Will Upstate Economic Development Scandle Touch Downtown Utica Hospital?

First clue, it's been said the Downtown Utica hospital was an effort to expand economic development in the "downtown region". Second, the MVHS Hospital leadership and the City of Utica seemed not to understand their roles, and that's why taxpayers only had the Mohawk Valley EDGE and government leaders touting their push for downtown.

Give us a few days, will are connecting the local dots in order to answer some questions that need to be asked and answered...

If Utica and or the hospital fiasco escapes the current and ongoing scandal, perhaps those involved will be glad they were not capable of getting their local "ducks in a row" faster?

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