Help Keep Hospital Out Of Downtown Utica!

Your time can help our cause, and so would making a financial donation; read below or use our Go Fund Me page.

If you have time and would like to help, please E-mail #NoHospitalDowntown, or attend a meeting.

You may also go to our PayPal page, just $5 or $10 would help! Everyone's contributions, both large and small, are being used to help prevent...

(1) Bulldozers from Demolishing Buildings, a significant number with great historical value!

(2) the relocation of over 40 businesses, and

(3) Help stop their Downtown Hospital Concept, which would erase a Historic Neighborhood holding great promise to further advance the current Redevelopments Taking Place In Downtown Utica today.

If able, please use Paypal or our Go Fund Me page.

(Any amount; $5, $10, or more) will allow us to spread the word; through advertising in media (print and online), production of lawn signs, flyers, mailing costs, and to offset legal fees should it come to this.

Or you may write-out a check (to: "#NoHospitalDowntown") and mail attention:

10-12 Liberty Street
Utica, NY 13502

We're tracking our donations and of investments of time and money. We are happy to share a Financial Statement upon request. Your donations are held in an account at First Source Credit Union in South Utica.

Perhaps you've seen our ads in the Utica Observer-Dispatch? Half Page Ad and Small Color Ads. We've also been running ads in the statewide political magazine, City & State NY.

#NoHospitalDowntown Started Here On Facebook in August of 2015. Our small team provided the seed monies with which this organization began. Community support has been significant! So few seem to want the hospital downtown, yet many do not have a way to be heard. Help us to change that today!

Be a part of the bold effort to stop our government in their plan to seize land from private business and property owners. Any remaining funds will be used to revitalize the Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood, for example The Jones Building, and to support the Landmarks Society Of Greater Utica.

Help us save Downtown Utica's Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood, and keep expand our healthcare up on the green hilltop at St. Luke's, in the current Oneida County Medical District!

For more information on ways to help please contact us. Read, hear, and see all the Voices & People On Our Side.

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown