Brett B Truett, Co-founder #NoHospitalDowntown

August 4, 2017 - It was a non-typical day for me, as on July 31st I had some medical appointments. While comments are not unique, these came one after another from people in the field. Depart for day wearing the black t-shirt, with white #NoHospitalDowntown lettering…

8AM First a non-medical friend arrives at #NoHospitalDowntown Headquarters. In the doorway hangs an image showing massive bulldozer zone for the would be hospital. Friend says, “Wow, did'nt realize it was all that!” My reply, “Yeah, most people don’t and it's why I’ve been wearing this t-shirt, became so impassioned over this. For over two years now!” Friend says, “May I have a copy of it?”, me, “Sure, we have a whole pile right inside.”

9AM Medical office reception room… Office staffer, “May I help you?” My reply, “Yes, I have an appointment this morning.” The woman starts entering my information into computer, “Your name? I just love your t-shirt. Date of birth please…” and I reply, “Would you like one?” And from here we have a hushed 5 minute conversation. She states, “I don’t think anyone working for St. Elizabeth’s likes their downtown idea at all!" She continues, "Hearing you account the situation, and following this story, well it sounds like episodes of the “The Keepers”, and she adds. “You should run for office!” (Note: her t-shirt was delivered by 2:30PM later that day, as she wanted to wear it to her yoga class that night!)

9:40AM X-ray tech, “So, No Hospital Downtown…”, and I reply, “Yeah, that’s probably why I’m here.” Tech reply, "I get it, but doesn’t seem like it can be stopped. Who’s going to stop it?” Boldly, “I’m going to stop it, and over 2,000 people on Facebook. Been at it over two years…”

10:30AM From a doctor in Clinton, “So you don’t like the downtown hospital?” Me, “No, it doesn’t really make any sense.” Doctor continues, “Yeah, really odd, they never asked the doctors what we thought.” And I say, “Yeah, so we’ve heard…” as doctor continues, “And just what are they going to do with two empty hospitals?” to which I state, “They said they would do a study. Probably they’ll get mothballed, sit dormant, and eventually taxpayers will pay many-many millions to demolish them so a private develop can buy property them for a song.”

Most days it is hard to know what's real, what's not. However it seems that more than ever, the Downtown Utica hospital concept is faltering...
:-) - Brett

July 15, 2017 - I was at Utica City Hall this night, and was shocked to see that the video shown to the public was tampered with...

Sorry, Just Cannot Let The Come to Pass...

"But look at what we have built... this is not the rebuilding of cities. This is the sacking of cities." Jane Jacobs

May 17, 2017 - A Utica-area architect was hired to tout the Downtown Utica Hospital, I don't buy it. Here's my reply We Don't Need A Hospital, Thank You

After hearing CEO Perra, now Scholefield, it is clear that politicians picked Downtown Utica, not healthcare professionals! Mr Scholefield Offers Another Meeting, But Brett Declines

The Utica hospital system seem to be eyeing downtown for a new hospital, but why? We are a very small city and already have four hospital campuses consuming our valuable acreage! Three operation locations, plus 100+ acres at Old Main!

And when asked, "Just what and where it is they're looking at downtown?", they're less than honest or just have very bad planners...

August/September 2015 - Brett started his initial investigation and tracking of the Downtown Utica hospital situation after a friend called with a tip. The message was supplied by Jim Brock, who had heard from a friend and hospital board member, "They are forcing the hospital into downtown!" Jim had started #NoHospitalDowntown and was seeking Brett's help.

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown