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The Historic Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood

Utica's CoLa neighborhood is not modern, far from it, but it's not Utica's worst and holds both great potential and promise for redevelopment. Get to know our partners at Better Utica Downtown.

[ This is NOT the way to go, but they plan to Bulldoze Downtown Utica Beyond Recognition ]

A claim made in the Region's MV500 Effort (PDF) called the targeted hospital zone in Downtown Utica as: "...34 acres of a largely vacant, underutilized and functionally obsolete area." This is a false claim.

The Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood (CoLa) supports 40+ Businesses and Contains Many Historic Buildings (video) or view a #NoHospitalDowntown's Flicker Photo Album.

Those seeking to build a new hospital district, are now working on step one Bulldozing 1/4 of Downtown Utica's Small Central Business District Below you can read a detailed account of this neighborhood as documented by our Landmark's Society. Let's turn away the Government's Urban Renewal-style Concept For A Downtown Hospital & 34-acre Hospital District.

Instead, let's restore some of the past! This as a new, walkable, and desirable place to live is promoted!

Part I - March/April 2016: The Columbia-Lafayette Streets Neighborhood... Starting with an 1806 map of Utica, Michael Lehman (AIA) traces the historic past of a part of downtown Utica defined as "The Historic Columbia-Lafayette Streets Neighborhood". Posted here with permission from the Utica Landmarks Society

Part One, Complete (2.56Mb PDF), or smaller single-page PDF's:

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Part II - May/June 2016: The Columbia-Lafayette Streets Neighborhood... Michael Lehman continues his review of Utica's "Historic Columbia-Lafayette Streets Neighborhood." Then finally, the Landmark Society offers their concluding thoughts below.

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Download Landmarks' Two Part Series Here: Parts One & Two Complete

Landmaks' Concluding Thoughts

Whatever the ultimate decisions are for the location of the new hospital and for this area, there are certain things that must be considered as a matter of course: