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The Genesis Group

The Genesis of Genesis

Founded by developer and real estate broker, Joseph R. Carucci, was founded as "The Genesis Group-Vision To Reality Inc" in 2002. Early formation talks occurred starting in 1998 and the mission emerged to change the Utica-area community for the better.

The group eventually setup various committees and set out to discover and execute: 1) How to bring the community together, 2) Research what we were, our history, 3) Where we were, our current resources, issues, situation, etc., 4) Where we wanted to be (goal setting), and 5) Finally how to get there - ask of, and or seek the leadership we, getting there, would require.

Today the group hosts meetings, events, runs projects and offers awards to people and groups and more recently (and unfortunately) supported plans that would place a huge hospital district in Downtown Utica.

This is a concept that is now being pushed forward, it's pushing-out 41 businesses and would bulldoze a large swath of Utica's Central Business District. How can this be? We are not sure, but we are seeking their input. Until then, here are the people presiding over this terrible situation, but first here's the recent Genesis Group Letter Of Support

The Gensis Group

Mr Raymond J Durso, Executive Director
The Genesis Group
100 Seymour Rd Utica, NY 13502

Phone: +1(315) 792-7187
Fax: (315)797-1280
Email: Raymond J Durso

On Twitter: @MoValleyGenesis
Facebook at: The Mohawk Valley's Genesis Group Facebook Page

Mr John H Story Jr. is the Treasurer of record, scroll down towards the bottom of this page for a listing of their board of trustees.

Genesis is also know as, GENESIS GROUP VISION TO REALITY INC (EIN: 30-0114808). We are looking into finances, but are they hidden? They do not appear to file regularly, and information that is often found on nonprofits seems to be missing. Their initial Department of State filing appears to have been on "February 6, 2002", (DOS) ID No. 2728246. Please check back for more...

June 14, 2018 - What happened? Genesis was in no way an advocate for bulldozing a major portion of Downtown Utica, as per this statement...

"Workshop 1 - Downtown Mohawk Valley
Innovative and coordinated downtown development efforts are crucial to the successful redevelopment of the cities, towns and villages that have been challenged by the economic and physical decline of their urban cores. To thrive and prosper, we want and need downtowns that are inviting, attractive and walkable – places where we want to come home to, residents want to live, corporations want to bring their workers to, and entrepreneurs want to grow. This workshop will concentrate on focused, intensive, and on-site technical assistance necessary to reestablish community self-reliance, local empowerment, and grassroots efforts to rebuild traditional commercial districts that focus on unique assets.

Statement is from the 2015 Genesis "Mohawk Valley Matters" Blueprint report.

December 14, 2017 - What happened in these eight months? We had been asking to share information for 18+ months, but got "No we don't get involved with political issues.", and then we see these stories...

There is very thin community support for a Downtown Utica hospital. Only those that have been misled, tricked by Fake TV Ads, or "have to support it for political reasons" seem to be their "yes people". Just about everyone else, says something like, "What's Wrong With St. Luke's."

November 6, 2017 - The Genesis Group Welcomes Six New Trustees to its board, they are; Andrew Biernat, (VP, strategic business adviser for Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy), Lenora D’Apice, (Executive director of Advancement Presbyterian Homes & Services), Katie Giacovelli (Marketing and events manager at the Observer-Dispatch), Stephen Karboski (Funeral director at McGrath, Myslinski, Karboski & Nunn Funeral Directors), Ross Kraft (Vice President, strategic business adviser for Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy), and Richard Presky (Financial adviser at Prudential).

So two new trustees are employed at Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy, which we note is headed by Vince Gilroy, a Co-Chair (See This Page) of the MVREDC and band leader of the MV500 Folks and perhaps an insurance vendor to MVHS? Also interesting to note is another new trustee is a UticaOD employee.

"Heavy hitters"? We must respectfully and wholeheartedly disagree, but perhaps in their own minds...

April 3, 2017 - Ray told us that they don't weigh-in on political issues, but was that just from the wrong side of his mouth?

It is our mission to remain neutral on things like this”, said Executive Director Ray Durso. Okay, but we are watching...

December 6, 2015 - Consider the work of the Genesis Group, helping to spin tales of greatness, GUEST VIEW: All work as a team to pave way to the region’s future, but where is their value?

In our research we also see this Another Genesis Group Scam: Part I. Our group finds the work of Genesis very political, feel good, and everything is going to be great. However what value do they really offer? We are watching and investigating. Will we be afforded a chance to present at a future Genesis Regional Healthcare Recognition forum?

The Genesis Group: Board of Trustees

Gene F. Quadraro, President
Keith A. Fenstemacher, Vice President
Christine S. Ossont, Assistant Vice President
Gordon Garrett, Treasurer
Rebecca Ruffing, Secretary
Raymond J. Durso, Executive Director

Board of Trustees

Patrick J. Becher
John J. Calabrese
Dr. Gerard T. Capraro
Vincent J. Coyne
Gary Ford
Claudia G. Hartz
Rebecca Ruffing
Carol Manuele
Christian Mercurio
Frank E. Pryzbycien
Alice J. Savino
Dr. Renee Scialdo Sheva
Roger Skinner
Pamela Way
Michael J. Parsons

Counsel to the Board

William S. Calli, Jr., Esq.


Joseph R. Carucci: Chairman
James G. Hill: New Hartford – Retired Dr. Todd S. Hutton: – Retired President of Utica College
James R. Kellmurray
Dr. Daniel P. Larson: Auburn – Retired College President

If you see your name above, or someone that does not support the Downtown Utica hospital, come forward to refute this. Simply send an email: Hey, I'm Against The Downtown Utica Hospital Concept! We will immediately update this page to reflect it. Have a look at Other Groups Seeking to Bulldoze Downtown Utica for a ill-concived hospital district

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown