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Scott Murray Loves The Downtown Utica Hospital Concept

I was first introduced to Scott when I received a phone call from a friend, it was April 11, 2016, "Brett, are you listening? There's a college student on the radio. He's supporting the hospital concept." So I flipped-on the radio, quickly messaged the radio host and asked to be placed in contact. She suggested I offer my number to him, so we did. Soon after, Scott called and we exchanged opinions. Before ending the call, I offered to meet, but it was determined it be at a later date as Scott wasn't feeling well. Time passed, I was alerted to, or saw Facebook posts, Twitter exchanges (I was blocked), and it went from there. Today our exchange has begun anew...

As a younger person I thought City Halls and Washington were places where wiser, older, people took care of the people's business. Starting my company SoftNoze in 1991, and watching the local Utica-Rome business economy since 1988, I've learned a lot. It is not just my opinion, but city halls and Washington have a fair share of very ignorant and also some stupid people.

By the way, on the original call in April 2016 with Scott, Scott told me he might be getting an internship within Assemblyman Brindisi's office. Happy to learn of this news, it made it easier to understand why the words Scott used to explain the benefits of a new downtown hospital sounded very much like those of the Assemblyman.

There's more to share, as Scott today seems really excited about introducing a casino into downtown, displacing private property owners with more tax exempt, government owned entities, including passing land to a sovereign nation! Or is it a craft beer museum with another government-run business incubator, one that seeks to "help" an industry that doesn't need any help? Like I said, I was once younger and my head was filled with a poor understanding of the world around me. Brett Truett, May 17, 2017

If time allows, we'll be sure to add more to Scott's page. It might not be possible, since after two years of trying to talk to local, regional and state politicians, we're focused on inventing other ways to "kill the downtown hospital". Note, we learned this phrase from Jane Jacobs, use the link, hope you'll watch the movie - and learn!

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown