Downtown Utica's
Little Pink Door

Utica, NY, June 6, 2018 - #NoHospitalDowntown will hold a press conference in conjunction with at 442 Lafayette Street in Downtown Utica at 10:30AM tomorrow, Thursday, June 7.

Cofounders Jim Brock and Brett Truett will explain their groups’ next steps and strategies in the #BattleToSaveOurCity movement.

Updates on the groups’ efforts, preview of redevelopment plans for historic 442 Lafayette Street, unveiling of a new banner and campaign, summer time calendar, along with limited tours of the property for members of the media.

#NoHospitalDowntown encourages the media attend this brief announcement at 10:30 sharp, and if your time allows take a tour.

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If you are asking, "Why Little Pink Door?", please see the Little Pink House movie trailer.

#NoHospitalDowntown was co-founded by Two Utica Business Owners, and former board members of Utica’s Chamber of Commerce, following disturbing calls from hospital board members. The hospital would abandon a 64-acre hospital campus to go downtown. The downtown concept would require Demolition Of Historical Buildings and streets and threatens over 40 businesses. Both the Utica Chamber and the Genesis Group have never allowed them to share their concerns with their boards or membership.

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