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Utica Children's Hospital

Reference: Oneida County History Center

See the Utica Hospital Timeline. What about the current Reuse proposals in light of the New Utica Hospital Concept.

The Utica Orphan Asylum was located on three acres of land donated by Benjamin Jewett on the northeast corner of Genesee and Pleasant Streets in the middle of the 19th century.

The orphanage began on the corner of John and Catherine streets, moved first to Chancellor Square and then to the former Proctor estate on Genesee Street.

From 1861 to 1924 it housed hundreds of boys and girls from ages 2 to 14. In 1924 the directors of the orphanage decided to devote all their resources to the care of "crippled children."

The orphans were transferred to other facilities and the Utica Orphan Asylum was reorganized as Children's Hospital. Children's Hospital was later built on Bennett Street, backing up to Faxton Hospital.

Eventually the building on Genesee was razed and its grounds were developed for residences.

Derbyshire Place was built through the grounds and was named for Charlotte Derbyshire who was one of the founders of the orphanage.

One of buildings on the site was Ivy Cottage which had been used as a residence for nurses and a dorm for Utica College before it was torn down.

Today the land is the home of Central New York Conservancy.

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