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The Mohawk Valley Looking Forward

This presentation titled The Mohawk Valley Looking Forward, looks at the developments in-and-around Utica. It reveals what appears to be an early concept for their Downtown Utica Hospital.

October 5, 2015 - Was this the Paper Napkin Design that gave us #mvhsdowntown? It was passed onto #NoHospitalDowntown today.

View the final pages of The Mohawk Valley Looking Forward, as they forcast "Autonomous Google Cars" (and pedestrains too!) will travel on elevated bridges connecting Genesee Street, a new medical center, the AUD, Nexus (an "AUD Addition") to a stadium and hotels at Harbor Point!

We're tracking their Downtown Concept as we work to relocate #NoHospitalDowntown to St. Luke's - in Utica's current Oneida County Medical District.

You can help, please join us on Facebook #NoHospitalDowntown. Also consider adding your voice to Hundreds of People Saying, "No Hospital Downtown". Get to know BUD, that's the future of the Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood!

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown