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St Joseph's Infant Home

Reference: Oneida County History Center

See the Utica Hospital Timeline. What about the current Reuse proposals in light of the New Utica Hospital Concept.

This Rendering is St Joseph's Infant Home on Green Street.

In 1894, St Joseph's was organized, and was originally located in a small house on Cottage Place. It then moved to a larger house on Rutger in 1895. In 1899, the organization bought Dr Gray's House on Green Street, (bordering on Green St, Addison Street, Gray Ave and City Street). It was updated it a bit, and from then until it's closing in the early 1950s, it was run by the Sisters of Charity. (reference: Utica For a Century and a Half, by T. Wood Clarke)

Dr Gray was the head of the Utica Insane Asylum - AKA Utica State Hospital - from 1854-1886.

My mom worked as a nurse at St Joseph's after she graduated from HS until she married. Our family lived across the street from St Josephs from the mid 1940 until the late 1950s. The kids in our neighborhood use to play over there all the time. There was a spiral fire escape slide on the far side of the building, which we'd climb up & then slide down. The hill made for great sledding in the winter.

The site is now the location of the Micheal Walsh Apartments.

I have several photos that my Dad took of various activities that occurred at St Joseph's in the late 40's or early 50s'.

I also have a photo (early 1940's) of my mom with several of her orphan charges out on the play area of St Joseph's Infant Home.

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