Candidates, #NoHospitalDowntown, Pledges, Oh My!

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Utica, NY, October 5, 2017 - Tomorrow at 10:30AM outside Utica City Hall, Lou Poccia - the "NoHospital Dwtn" candidate - and other candidates who have signed the "#NoHospitalDowntown" pledge will hold a press conference. Two former Utica mayors are also expected to be in attendance.

City of Utica elections are approaching as two issues, that of a new hospital, and more recently a pending local law regarding a term limit extension are raging. Candidates and citizens wish to have their voices heard, and in addition several candidates will sign a pledge.

Councilman at Large candidate Jim Zecca says, “Our press conference is being held just before the mayor's public hearing at 11AM, inside City Hall. We wish to tell the mayor, but more importantly the media, citizens passed term limits, we don’t wish to allow politicians to break’em.”

Adding to this, #NoHospitalDowntown co-founder, Jim Brock states, "Politicians seem to have forgotten it is they who work for us, not we who work for them." Adding to this, Brock continued, “No voice on the new hospital, a decision that will forever damage downtown, and our mayor wants another term? We see a horrible connection.”

Utica-area media and anyone interested in the new hospital, and now the term limit debate, are encouraged to attend at 10:30AM.


For More Information or Clarification Contact:

Jim Brock Call: (315) 732-6191

Jim Zecca Call or Text: (315) 725-3771

Lou Poccia, Call or Text: (315) 732-8532, or via Email Lou Poccia

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