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Orange Regional Medical Center, Middletown, NY

MVHS has stated only two new hospitals have been built in New York State in the last twenty years, Guthrie Corning Hospital and Orange Regional Medical Center investigated below...

Orange Regional - total 2015 revenue $432,109,931 [Ref.] - is 60 miles North-Northwest of New York City, the largest city in the United States. Located just outside the city limits of Middletown, NY this hospital neighbors the Galleria (mall) at Crystal Run. Read the hospital's review on US News.

Middletown has a population of just under 27,600 people and the hospital is located 2.7 miles from downtown. The hospital is named after Orange County, which has a population of 372,813 where the median income for a household is $52,058 [Ref.].

Two hospitals were combined, as per these headlines Horton Hospital Closes Its Doors and Arden Hill hospital exodus goes smoothly. Here's a picture of Elizabeth A Horton Memorial Hospital, Also, Also, which was located at 60 Prospect Avenue, Middletown, NY 10940. Arden Hill Hospital was located at 4 Harriman Drive, Goshen, NY. Here is a real estate brochure offering the property for redevelopment; Arden Hill Hospital.

A general medical and surgical hospital having 301 beds on a 92-acre parcel, but Orange Regional is not a downtown hospital...

The location of Middletown's Orange Regional is more like the location of Utica's St. Luke's Campus, just a short drive from downtown!

Take a look at Orange Regional Medical Center located about one hour north of New York City. In 2011 they opened as New York’s first new hospital in twenty years. Their plan did not arrive as a media headline and 50% funded. No, they started in 2006 with a steering committee, purchase of 61 acres, and… “Over 60 informational-gathering "user groups" were assembled with Board, physician and employee representatives to obtain design input for the planned hospital. Public input was obtained through community presentations and media solicitations.” Five years later the 600,000 square foot hospital opened with 383 beds.

We are looking at the Benchmarks that MVHS & NBBJ say are guiding their Hospital Concept for Downtown Utica. Don't destroy Utica's Downtown Utica's Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood, there are 64 acres at the St. Luke's Campus on a green hilltop!

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown