Herkimer, NY

Accident below was found researching historical archives. Irregardless of funding for safety, accidents are unavoidable. We believe the Utica Observer-Dispatch needs to understand this. They only need compare the hospital concept for Downtown vs. the 2007 Rail Explosion in Oneida, which they documented extensively.

March 8, 1960 - Image of a "double freight train" derailment in Herkimer, which is 15 miles east of Utica. It appears to occur at a switch where two trains collided...

Herkimer, NY Train Derailment, March 8, 1960

Link to larger, better resolution, image... Herkimer, NY Train Derailment, March 8, 1960. We are researching to see if there have been additional Herkimer accidents.

See our page Downtown Utica, NY: CSX Tracks = "RED ZONE" Hospital as we discuss implications of the tracks next to proposed site.

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