Fonda, NY

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June 27, 2013 - CSX freight train derailment in Fonda...

Story in Utica newspaper, Train derailment affects service across NY and another report here, Amtrak service disrupted after train derailment in upstate New York. This report offers a map, Railroad Worker Injured After Two CSX Trains Collide and Derail in Fonda NY.

Another newspaper reports, Amtrak alters NY schedule between Albany and Buffalo after freight derailment and Two Injured as CSX Trains Collide and Derail 30 Cars in New York State.

Riders hop train and catch accident scene in this Video, and Picture via Poleshift Blog.

May 30, 2006 - members log CSX Derailment in Fonda.

July 18, 1947 - Train derailment ties-up all four tracks of the mainline for some time, 1947 Fonda Train Wreck.

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