Very Little Information, yet Common Council is "All-in"

April 1, 2016 - Utica's Common Council passed a resolution supporting the Downtown Utica hospital Councilman Marino Sponsored Resolution but is was not done properly. By law, resolutions are suppose to go to committee and only then to the full council for vote. Yet in Utica's "Friends, Family, and Employers World", you do what you're told- keep the train a rolling, never mind the law and people's trust.

So many questions, but So Few Answers...

... Joe Cerini, owner of Citation Services, which sits within the proposed hospital’s footprint, has joined #NoHospitalDowntown. He said he’s still waiting for someone from the city to contact him about how the relocation process will work... He’s also upset that the Utica Common Council passed a resolution supporting a downtown hospital. “Pretty much the Common Council is supposed to represent their districts and I never heard of anyone contacting anybody,” he said. He also questioned the wisdom of building downtown. “I’m not against the hospital,” he said. “I’m just against where they want to put it. Businesses down here are starting to thrive...”

Why is Utica and the region lagging? Our politicians work for themselves and the people that support them; friends, family and employers. They plan to succeed, while the people pay and get the scraps. In this case, $300 million - and much, much, more - will be spent on "healthcare", but healthcare may not improve, but lots of real estate and money will be exchanged.

March 19, 2016 - Utica's Common Council passed a resolution supporting funding of a new hospital in downtown. It has been posted to a Facebook Group called YES Hospital Downtown Utica The resolutiuon is pretty fancy, carries some spelling errors, but by watching the use of "we", "me", "email me directly at JOEUTICA@GMAIL.COM", clearly suggests that 4th District Councilmen Joseph A. Marino is the Facebook Group editor...

However the meaning is clear and we at #NHD have formed our response: Dear & Utica Common Council, Please log our strong opposition and vote of "No Confidence" ‎to your request for comments as to the Council's Recent Hospital Resolution The hospital has been in the news for well over a year, and a very significant sum of taxpayer dollars have been pledged. However, the process to date has not abided by a democratic process. A press conference in coming days will expand upon our position, and those of like-minded people, taxpayers, and residents. Sincerely, #NHD

Looking back at the City's Common Council webpage for their March 16, 2016 meeting, the hospital resolution was made behind closed doors and went unpublished- not on the "Agenda" or in the "Recap". Interesting. Also odd, the city website slogan reads Utica...starts with you! And we always assumed they meant "the residents and taxpayers", but guess we've been mistaken.

We are not opposed to a new hospital, just the location. Hear all the Voices who agree with #NoHospitalDowntown.

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown