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Changes To Chamber Board & Committees

We need to understand the Chamber's committees, changing board, and committee structure and leadership. The Chamber seems to have some dynamic changes. We'd like to know who made important calls, did research, called meetings, and how it all may have played into the Chamber's hospital resolution.


The chamber has lost four board members recently; Thomas Bashant, Michael B. Morrill, Rob Shauger and Gene Falvo. When did these members join, their roles, and when did then exit?

We also know that in 2015, a hospital executive was added to the board for a three year term (2015-2018), but he is no longer listed. What other dynamics have played-out at the Chamber? Why two years for them to pass a resolution on the hospital? May the committee see their work and come to understand decision-making process?


Government Affairs/Economic Development Council - Chair: Elis J DeLia

Membership Council - Chair: Mark D Foresti

Publicity & Tourism Council - Chair: TBD Vacant how long, and what was, is, the situation?

Small Business Council - Chair: Rob Shauger Left Chamber, when, why, and who is new chair?

We also wonder about the Chamber's The Catalyst Group, which was created in March 2013. Is this a separate committee or council? Here is the group's Catalyst Flyer They do not seem to have a prominent link on the Chamber's website, but maybe they've opted for Facebook here CatalystGroup315? FB Group was started on May 22, 2014, and it shows they have 531 members (as of April 18, 2017), did these members have input on hospital resolution?

The Chamber website says Pam DelMedico, was Chairperson of the The Catalyst Group Steering Committee in 2013, when the Council consisted of 14 people:

Pam DelMedico, Chair (Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce)
Nick Paoni, Vice Chair (Computer Connection of CNY)
Emily Wallace, Secretary (Law Offices of Christopher B Wallace)
Cassaundra Baber, Events Task Force Officer (Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties)
Ben Crossley, Community Action Task Force Officer (M&T Bank)
Kyle Strife, Membership Task Force Officer (Nelson Financial Group)
Heather Moksness, Development Task Force Officer (M&T Bank)
Jennifer Besig (Helmer, Johnson, Misiaszek & Kenealy)
Nick Bruno (Mohawk Valley EDGE)
Sarah Foster (Oneida County Travel & Tourism)
Meghan Fraser (F.X. Matt Brewing Company)
Nick Grimmer (SUNY IT)
Katie Reilly (New York Sash)
Jason Sumner (JS Designs)

Questions about operations at the Chamber? Contact Meghan Fraser McGrogan, Executive Director, at (315)724-3151 ext. 234 or by email: Meghan Fraser McGrogan

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