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Risks are everywhere. Very large financial transactions and construction projects have many. Why haven't we heard about the risks of the proposed Downtown Utica Hospital Concept? Why does Govenor Cuomo look to fund such a concept?

How risks were allocate? Reading the Oneida County Hospital Site Selection Study, one sees they did not look at any risk factors. Searching this document for certain keywords reveals their occurance; Risk (0), Railroad (1), Tracks (0), CSX (0), Freight (0), Train (0), Hazard (0), and Safety (1). The word railroad's only use was in the ‘fatal flaws’ for the Yahnudasis Golf Club site, "There is a railroad spur that would need to be crossed but it has extremely limited use.

What risk mitigation steps we're then outlined, debated, and resolved? What of the project's "bankability", and that of MVHS? Finally, how much risk is being placed onto the backs of local and state taxpayers?

View an illustration that depicts the MVHS SEQR study's forecasted "Reasonably Foreseeable Catastrophic Impact" of Utica's downtown hospital concept.

October 7, 2018 - Who would cover damages of a downtown derailment? They've already occurred in past, and more than just once, see Downtown Utica Train Derailments? What do past derailments in downtown reveal and what about to a hospital's ability to operate, care for patients...

Hospital Lists Their Expansion Construction Risks

Following are screen captures from this document, Casey Hospital Expansion Project Summary November 2017 (PDF), where details for a new hospital expansion project are detailed. We note, the word "risk" appears 110 times in their 54 page report!

The project adds 152 additional beds, and 333 parking spaces...

Hospital Construction Risks A

Hospital Construction Risks B

Hospital Construction Risks C

Hospital Construction Risks D

Hospital Construction Risks E

Hospital Construction Risks F

Hospital Construction Risks G

September 15, 2018 - What are ratings of past and future bonds supporting hospital and agencies supporting the downtown concept?

Who bears ultimate responsibility if hospital defaults? The Mohawk Valley Health System also asked for tax help on their mortgage, MVHS Application to the Oneida County Local Development Corporation

July 2, 2017 - Utica exists becuase of its floodplain geography, thus Flooding is a potential risk to the proposed downtown hospital site.

March 21, 2017 - What risk do lawsuit(s) have on the health system's ability to forecast income?


You Can Manage Construction Risks, but... "Colossal County Hospital was coming apart at the seams. With dozens of newly hired doctors, nurses, and technicians, millions of dollars of equipment on the road, and patient appointments backed up for months, the new facility was impossible to use..." Continue reading...

A 2011 meeting between officials from the veterans affairs department and its construction contractor set the stage for financial disaster... - Continue reading...

To start managing your construction risks, you need to... "Be able to list out what could jeopardize your projects. Take a deep breath, because the list can be long; Occupational, Financial, Contractual, Project, Stakeholder and Natural risks, plus Competition." Continue reading...

Best Practices Reduce Risks During Hospital Construction and Maintenance - "Implementing formal Construction and Maintenance Policy and Procedures can significantly reduce health and safety risks, minimize disruptions to hospital operations and assure compliance with state and federal regulations. The following is a guide to incorporating best practices" Continue reading...

Assessing Project Financial Viability - A Financial viability assessment evaluates the risk that, over the life of a proposed contract, a tenderer; a) may not be able to deliver the goods and services which are specified in the contract; or b) may not be able to fulfil guarantees or warranties provided for in the contract.Continue reading...

Railroad Risks

Train Derailment can occur when a train runs off its rails. Derailments are caused by many issues. For example, a derailment can be caused by a collision with another object, an operational error, the mechanical failure of tracks, such as broken rails, or the mechanical failure of the wheels. Extreme temperatures, Very Hot or Cold Weather, as well as severe rain and Flooding can damage tracks. Snow and ice on the brakes of a locomotive and the cars they pull can play a part in train derailments as well [Ref.].

For example, Polar vortex forces Chicago rail crews to use fire to keep trains moving and Extreme Heat Causes Train Derailment.

February 23, 2018 - Then there's the proximity to the CSX Railroad that's is being ignored...

Add this to; 1) Not a healing environment, 2) Close to a flood plain, 3) Congestion of neighboring mass gatherings, and 4) traffic bottlenecks... have us saying, Look At All The Advantages Of The 64-Acre St. Luke's Campus!

Read, Hospital construction projects require unique precautions.

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown