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Frequently Asked Questions

June 2021 - They’re building a Downtown Utica Hospital, but there remains a Neighborhood To Save!

#NoHospitalDowntown Seeks Answers To These Questions...

Question 1: Why are you building a new hospital? Why not just expand at St. Luke's where the Mohawk Valley Health System already own 64 acres, on a nice green hill next to Utica College? Further, it is said that Faxton Hospital is not closing as cancer treatment equipment is too costly to move, and since their is plenty of expansion room there, why go into a land-locked downtown location?

Answer: We don't know, as the hospital has not offered any studies and or reports. They and their supporters simply insist that funding is only for a "new facility" and it is going to be downtown. The funding was written into legislation by our New York State Assemblyman Brindisi Contact the Assemblyman via email Anthony Brindisi or by phone: (315) 732-1055 or address him on Twitter @ABrindisi119

Question 2: The hospital has a reported service area of the Oneida, Herkimer and Madison County region. Is the “targeted downtown Utica” location the “geographic center” of the hospital’s service area? Can you share a population density map of the region?

Answer: We're listening... chirp, chirp... In the meantime, our research indicates that a lot of people live in closer proximity to the St. Luke's Campus

Question 3: There was a waiting period between picking 2nd place St Luke’s and 1st place Downtown, this until it was determined downtown was financially feasible. Now you’ve reported that the hospital is going downtown, so are ALL the costs known for building the downtown hospital?

Answer: We're listening... chirp, chirp... In the meantime, our research indicates that the City of Utica has no idea of the costs to relocate 41 businesses! that would be displaced, or if they'd need to move and build a new police campus! Really, so all the costs are known?

Question 4: The Mayor has reported he's looking into relocating the impacted businesses, but admits the city is just getting started. Thus, it appears some costs that the city must pay/finance can’t possibly be part of the hospital’s tabulation. Can you comment on the hospital’s position on its budget relative to obvious expenses the city faces?

Answer: We're listening... chirp, chirp..

Question 5: The first news of funding spoke about money to help the hospitals merge, take care of debt. Why and when did this turn into money for a new hospital facility? Based on what studies?

Answer: We're listening... chirp, chirp.. In the meantime, our research indicates that our current two hospital do not uses all the beds for which they are certified for So we have two hospitals with more rooms than we need, but a new hospital is being proposed?

Question 6: Why is the legislation written for a new facility only? Who decided that an addition, an expansion, new equipment, or upgraded equipment, or funding for new staff wasn’t what was required to help the area’s future healthcare needs?

Answer: We're listening... chirp, chirp..

Question 7: Why is all this discussion occurring before the "Certificate of Need" (CON) has been requested and the outcome decided?

Answer: We're listening... chirp, chirp..

Question 8: Looking at St. Luke’s, St. Elizabeth’s and Faxton facilities, do they have code or licensing violations that needed to be corrected? What site constraints prevented expansion at these locations? The region needs a fully code compliant, state-of-the-art facility, but is building a new building required and what data supports such a decision?

Answer: We're listening... chirp, chirp..

Question 9: Where are the doctors, nurses, and medical staff of our three hospitals standing on this issue? We have only heard from government and hospital administrators?

Answer: We're listening... chirp, chirp..

Question 10: Where are the taxpayer and resident meetings? Why have the people that will use the hospital not included in the location talks? We have been told there are many renderings for the new hospital, yet we've seen only one!

Answer: We're listening... chirp, chirp..

Proponents Offer Answers to Questions

Question: Where can one find information from the hospital?

Answer: The hospital and government officials provide there Q&A on the Mohawk Valley Health System website.

Question: What will the hospital look like?

Answer: A conceptual rendering of the current and only plan released is here Downtown Utica Hospital, Concept Drawing (PDF).

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown