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MVHS's Three SEQR-listed Hospitals

Looking at New York, we see the state has 172 hospitals [Ref.], in fifth place after Texas (407), California (341), Florida (186), and Illinois (180).

Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) listed three New York hospitals that were located near "active" Railroad tracks when discussing hazmat-carry risks clearly labeled as "Reasonably Foreseeable Catastrophic Impacts". Listed are; hospital's name, city, and proximity to the tracks (in feet); St. John's Riverside Hospital (Yonkers, NY) 1,000± linear feet; Rochester Regional Health, St. Mary’s Campus (Rochester, NY) 1,500± linear feet; St. Joseph’s Medical Center (Yonkers, NY) 1,500± linear feet [Ref.]. However, only one hospital is a proper comparison...

St. John's Riverside Hospital, Yonkers, NY

On a map: St. John's Riverside, on the eastern bank of the Hudson River. The railroad here does not carry hazardous chemicals since it is strictly a commuter railroad; Amtrak and the MTA (New York City "Metro"). Dangerous goods are shipped on a railroad on the Husdson's western bank. At this point the tracks (called the Northern Branch) are inland and nearly 4 miles (!) west of St. John's as they pass through Closter- a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey!

Rochester Regional Health (St. Mary’s Campus), Rochester, NY

On a map: St. Mary’s, is 1,500 feet south of the CSX tracks Here. It is a 120-bed skilled nursing facility, but not Rochester's main hospital. Rochester with over 200,000 residents [Ref.] has more than four hospitals and regionally other hospitals serving a metro population of just over 1 million people [Ref.].

Read, History of St. Mary's Hospital and Whatever Happened To...St. Mary’s Hospital?

A story dated June 30, 2020 and titled How vulnerable are Rochester’s hospitals? illustrates the large healthcare systems that exist in Rochester. Why is Utica placing its "one and only" hospital near dangerous railroad tracks?

St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Yonkers, NY

On a map: St. Joseph’s Medical Center, is also on the eastern bank of the Hudson River and tracks do not carry hazardous chemicals- a commuter railroad (Amtrak and the NYC Metro). Dangerous goods are shipped on a railroad the Husdson's western bank, but again at this point the tracks (again the Northern Branch) are inland 3.5 miles west of St. Joseph’s hospital- as they pass through Cresskill another borough in Bergen County, NJ!

WHY?!! Is MVHS placing a new ($700M to $1B) acute care hospital - New York's second only hospital, out of over 170 hhospitals - into a evacuation zone!

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