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"New Utica Hospital",
the Nonsense Explained...

The whole “new hospital" fiasco you seek to understand, all the nonsense is very easy to explain with just one single fact:

*** There Is No Study For Anyone To Reference!! ***

No documented investigation of why a new hospital is being funded, not one with details of our “old” hospitals, their equipment, physical plant (boilers, pipes, wires, etc) the growth of our area’s new surgery centers and new urgent care clinics, etc.

No study of the economics, to the hospitals’ budgets, the City of Utica’s budget, to area residents, nor Oneida County’s budget nor the county’s residents.

No documented healthcare impact (the past, present, and future outcomes with a new vs. without a new hospital), nor the changes in healthcare delivery and types and sizes of new hospitals, etc. Pros, cons, and risks, etc.

Nope, there is no study to defend what has happened. Where are the real estate and healthcare facts of walking away from Utica's current and defacto, Oneida County Medical District?

It’s all finger pointing and nastiness, plus the destruction of our downtown’s Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood (CoLa).

Nope, it just started with a few politicians speaking to hospital administrators saying, “Hey there’s big money in Albany for healthcare.”

And those folks, and obviously others in high places, found a way to earmark huge money to healthcare in Utica (had to word it “Oneida County” for political reasons), and locally it became a promise of $300M in taxpayer debt for a new hospital.

ZERO due process for residents!

Can anyone find anyone to prove us wrong? Can any politician now serving a office (who are calling the #NoHospitalDowntown folks liars, naysayers, etc.) and produce a report that concludes, “Walk away from Utica's hospital assets, because here we show clearly the healthcare and economic benefits of a new hospital are vetted and clear...”?

You can help, please join us on Facebook #NoHospitalDowntown. Also consider adding your voice to Hundreds of People Saying, "No Hospital Downtown". Get to know BUD, that's the future of the Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood!

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown